How do I make a door with legomini figures , ?

I have a hollow door but what's the best way to stand the mini figures securely ?

Need ideas to hang blinds- any suggestions?

Want to change vertical blinds to 3 sets of blinds ( horizontal) but there isn't any wood above to hang blinds?!?suggestions?? Thanks

Diy drying rack for paintings??

Any ideas for an inexpensive way to make a drying rack for painted pictures in preschool class? Paper is 12x 18 and smaller.thanks

How to update kitchen wall paint?

Has anyone tried decorative contact paper?? Wall is 6 ft . Long and 7.5 feet high. It is washable - any suggestions on how to apply

What's an alternative to paint for my kitchen wall?

Want to change kitchen wall but instead of painting I want

Want to change out vertical blinds in picture window-suggestions

The window does not have enough space to hang blinds . The window also faces the road so need something that can close .thank you !!