pool noodle repurpose for halloween

Pool Noodle Repurpose for Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for, but I hate spending a bunch of money on...

skylight window to stained glass look table part 2

Skylight Window to Stained Glass Look Table (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of my skylight-to-table tutorial. This is how we made the skylight into a table. Part...

in the wall shelves for a tiny half bath

In-the-wall Shelves for a Tiny Half Bath

Our half bath is by far the most used bathroom in our house, mostly by our young children and anyone...

skylight window to stained glass table part 1

Skylight Window to Stained Glass Look Table (Part 1)

My neighbor took out some old skylights. One was still in great shape, so we used it for our shed,...

painting clear wine bottles for outdoor sculptures

Painting Clear Wine Bottles for Outdoor Sculptures

I absolutely love outdoor decorations that use wine bottles! Especially blue bottles, but those can...

pallet garden border

Pallet Garden Border

Pallet projects seem to be flooding the world of DIY! And why shouldn’t they?! If you are lucky, you...

how to make your own string art

How to Make Your Own String Art

String art is a great way to add a little homemade artwork to your walls, especially if you aren’t...

giving purpose to an unused side yard

Giving Purpose to an Unused Side Yard.

When we bought our house, our side yard was boring with patchy grass and no real purpose. So we...

carpet and linoleum to faux wood floor

Carpet and Linoleum to Faux Wood Floor

After removing carpet in our living room and main hallway (and later the linoleum from the laundry...

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