seaglass dolphin shadow box

Seaglass Dolphin Shadow Box

Step 1…To begin, I found the perfect dolphin image online and saved it. Then I enlarged the image to the size I needed in Photoshop, and printed it out. Next, I traced the image onto a standard size 8.5 x 11 but very thick piece of stock paper which would end up in the shadow box. Of course, you can use any shape/animal you like. I just happen to love dolphins!

diy pallet tiki bar

DIY Pallet Tiki Bar

We’ve been talking about building a pallet tiki bar for a LONG time. We had this perfect empty spot in our back yard under a palm tree that was just screaming for a bar! My husband dubbed it the TreeKee bar instead of the Tiki Bar since we planned to use the tree as part of the actual bar. Confused? Don’t be. Keep reading to find out how we did it.Step 1 – Measure and map out the area…We played around with a layout and decided we were going to use 2 pallets in the front to make the actual bar area. Each pallet is 4 ft wide which would make it 8 ft across. We felt this would comfortably seat 4 bar stools. We knew we'd need at least 6 posts to hold up the pallets and the roof. As for the roof we planned to put one on, but the tree branches would remain on the roof as part of the ‘tiki look’.

broken sand dollar project

Broken Sand Dollar Project

The last 2 times we've been to the beach near my house, we've found a TON of washed up sand dollars. All different sizes. Some as small as a nickel and some much larger. However, the little ones are so delicate that lots of them broke before we got them home. I hated the thought of throwing them all away so I searched the internet for ideas on what to do with broken shells and saw some cute ideas that inspired me. Here is what I came up with...

diy sea glass bottles

DIY Sea Glass Bottles

These DIY Sea Glass Bottles might as well be called the easiest DIY project ever. I’ve been collecting different, interesting looking bottles for a while. Whenever I had a good one from the grocery store, I’d store them under the kitchen sink (after they were empty of course). In this collection I have a tall olive oil bottle, 1 wine bottle and 2 interesting looking bottles of rum (only 1 is shown below). Soak the bottles in water to get the lables off, or use Goo be Gone and a razor blade tool to get them off. Then clean thoroughly making sure there is no label remnants left on the bottles.

from trash to treasure nautical table makoever

From Trash to Treasure - Nautical Table Makeover

My husband took this old side table off the side of the road which was meant for the garbage trucks and brought it home for me. Normally I might be annoyed but this was in pretty good shape, so I was happy he did that! You know what they say..."One man's trash is another man's treasure." My mind started thinking of ideas immediately on how I could bring this Side Table From Trash to Treasure. Here is what I came up with and a tutorial and how I did it.

diy desk using a hollow core door and some cube storage

DIY Desk Using a Hollow Core Door and Some Cube Storage

Desks for Any Room…I have wanted new desks for our two boys’ rooms for a LONG time. I’d been looking for a new project, and a custom DIY Desk was it!I decided to use Hollow Core Doors and Cube Storage Units to make these desks.

what to do with leftover pallets

What to Do With Leftover Pallets…

We have a very large backyard and we love it. Last summer we put pavers down in the back section to make a sports area for the kids, and a sitting, fire pit area for the adults. However, a piece (a triangle really) of the neighbors yard sticks into the back corner of this section. This area of their yard is basically overgrown weeds. To section it off my husband and I used the bunch of pallets, leftover from our renovation, as a makeshift fence. It looked kind of cool and rustic, but he had an even better idea. He wanted to paint it to look like a flag. A pallet flag fence? I must admit, I was like,”huh, what”? I didn’t really see his vision, but he did, so I told him to go for it.

diy upcycling old furniture turned bar area

DIY/Upcycling – Old Furniture Turned Bar Area

I love upcycling old pieces of furniture to match the decor of our new house. Today I’m going to tell you about how I used an old table and wine racks to make a ‘bar area’ in the nook in our kitchen. The nook in our kitchen was to small for a dining table, plus the actual dining room is right next door so we didn't want to have a table, then another table in the next room almost right next to each other. Here is the solution we came up with for filling this space using some of our old furniture.

diy canvas prints on the cheap

DIY Canvas Prints on the Cheap…

I was trying to find a piece of art for above my bed in my re-vamped Master Bedroom and was looking for a long and skinny piece, approximately 12×36. Of course being the bargain shopper that I am, I didn’t want to spend to much money. Large canvas art can be very expensive.I read on some other blogs that you can make your own canvas prints on the cheap by getting color images printed at Staples for not much money. Only around $6! They are called Engineered Prints and are supposed to be for blueprints and such. Then you can mount them on foam board for really cheap. So I gave it a try. Read on to see how I did it.

diy sea glass window art

DIY Sea Glass Window Art

I’ve always loved these beautiful sea glass windows. I’ve seen them in the shops on Cape Cod and online and have always wanted one. A few years ago I made this Sea Glass Dolphin and Sea Glass Sea Horse and I thought, ‘hey maybe I could try to make one of those windows’! Well, I finally did. And here is how...

Jodi House - the House house
Jodi House - the House house
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