diy bed liner for jeep interior floor

DIY Bed Liner for Jeep Interior Floor

My wife and I purchased a 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ Islander recently to use as a beach cruiser. We chose this Jeep Wrangler YJ Islander because it fit our lifestyle (beach/island) and had all original factory parts. Also, it didn't have things we didn't want or need such as a lift kit, massive tires, and extravagant mods. Ultimately, we like the classic look of this YJ Islander.We sold our street legal golf cart I built back in 2012 because we are tired of spending $1200 every other year on new batteries.In case you didn't know, batteries are like children. They like to drain their energy, recharge, and repeat. Since our golf cart was parked for 7 months out of the year, we had to replace batteries very often. Also, we purchased our 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ Islander for the same price as we sold our golf cart.Jeep Interior Tub Rust for Jeep WranglerWith only 99,500 miles on the 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ Islander, the Jeep YJ was in great shape with no rust on the frame. However, the carpet was nasty and the interior tub had rust along with small holes. Also, most of the rust was at the driver and passenger side floor board caused by 26 years of wet feet. After many hours of DIY spray bed liner research, I decided to install bed liner in the Jeep Wrangler interior tub. So, I purchased the Raptor Tintable Spray Bed Liner Kit (Beige) and got to work.

diy led light costume

DIY LED Light Costume

In this Hometalk Post, I show you how to make a DIY LED Light Costume. This costume was an easy DIY project and my son received many compliments. Keep reading to find out how to make this DIY LED light costume for any occasion.

how to make a resin and wood surfboard glow table or wall art

How to Make a Resin and Wood Surfboard GLOW Table (or Wall Art)

In this HomeTalk Post, I show you how to make resin and wood wall art that glows in the dark. This surfboard wall art can also be used as a resin and wood table.

how to use old fence boards on a wall

How To Use Old Fence Boards on a Wall

In this hometalk post, I show you how my wife and I used old cedar fence pickets as wood planks on my workshop wall. Additionally, I explain how an existing pool at our new house my family and I recently purchased triggered this entire project.Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel for more projects and other fun stuff.Why I Had to Tear my Fence DownMy wife and I moved into a new house in December of 2015. Ultimately, this house has everything we wanted – more land, separate garage/workshop, and many other amenities.However, the above ground pool in the backyard was the one thing we could have done without.So, what does a pool have to do with an old cedar fence? Keep reading and it shall be revealed.

beach inspired river table with sand dollars glows in the dark

Beach Inspired River Table With Sand Dollars - GLOWS in the DARK

In this Hometalk post, I show you step by step how to make a live edge resin river glow table. This beach inspired table closely resembles the Emerald Coast water color in Destin Florida and has many awesome features.This beach inspired epoxy resin river table, specifically made to resemble the Emerald Coast water color, has many features which make it truly one of a kind. The live edge river table top is made with cypress wood with a light tone and rests on custom made hairpin legs. The live edge cypress leads down to an epoxy resin river that runs through the length of the table.The bottom epoxy resin layer of the river table contains green phosphorescent pigment (glow powder) followed by a layer of sand and sand dollars. Phosphorescent pigment powder shines through the sand and sand dollars with a subtle glow, which resembles the beauty of the Destin, Florida beaches.

diy base cabinets with drawers for craft desk, DIY Base Cabinet with Drawers

DIY Base Cabinets With Drawers for Craft Desk

In this tutorial, I teach you how to build a DIY base cabinet with drawers for a desk, craft table, or table. You will also learn how to make drawers, install drawer slides, and build a cabinet carcass.This DIY base cabinet with drawers project is part 2 of my epoxy resin ocean glow table I built for my wife as a Mother’s Day gift. However, these DIY base cabinets can be used on any table or desk in need of a table base with storage.Since the ocean glow table is my wife’s craft table, I needed to build a table base with drawers with storage for her cricut accessories.So, I designed the DIY base cabinets from scratch and started building it shortly after I completed the ocean table.Again, this storage solution can be used for any table top. They also can be used as a night stand or standalone cabinet.Please consider subscribing to my youtube channel to get notified when I release a new video.

epoxy resin ocean table, Ocean Table Video Tutorial

Epoxy Resin Ocean Table That GLOWS in the Dark

In this tutorial, I show you how to make an epoxy resin ocean table that glows in the dark and why this table has special meaning to my family and me. Be sure to watch the video for more detailed instruction. IMPORTANT: Although this project may seem difficult to make, it is not. It is made with 2x4s and very simple techniques. I realize many Hometalkers don't have the tools I used to build this project, so I'll do my best to include alternate tools/techniques to accomplish the same task throughout the project. I cover the construction of the table during the first few steps of this post; however, this ocean table can be built on any type of table top that is shaped like a beach (flat beach with slope for ocean). In other words, ignore the first few steps if you already have a sloped table or have other ideas on how to create a sloped table.My family and I love spending time at the beach. We love the sand, the ocean, the warm sun, and everything a day at the beach has to offer. On second thought, we love everything minus the occasional chain-smoker upwind and the sporadic sibling argument over plastic shovels.My wife and I purchased a home in Destin, Florida in 2012 and we live there 3 months out of the year. Destin, Florida is only a 3 hour and 30 minute drive from our home in Louisiana and I’ve visited this southern paradise (aka ‘Redneck Riviera’) since I can remember.Stacey (my wife) has a cricut and she is quite crafty when time permits (Time permits = our kids aren’t calling her name every 3 seconds).Furthermore, the cricut has yet to find a permanent home despite the fact I bought her the cricut over 1 year ago. As a result, I decided to build a table with storage as a Mother’s Day gift for Stacey.My goal was to incorporate as many things (places, items, etc.) into this table that I possibly could. In other words, I want this table to make her smile each time she has an opportunity to sit in front of it.I placed sea shells, sand dollars, and Mickey Mouse ears on the table. Stacey loves to find seashells, find sand dollars, and she loves anything related to Disney.The epoxy resin ocean table bottom is comprised of two storage cabinets with 4 drawers each. In an effort to keep the video at a reasonable length for today’s ever-shrinking attention spans, I decided to make that a separate project. Be on the lookout for that soon.

diy custom built ins for living room

DIY Custom Built Ins for Living Room

Each step outlined below is shown in greater detail in the video tutorial I attached to this post.I realize this project may seem like a complex woodworking project, but the reason for this post is to help folks realize it is not as complex as it seems. I hope you find it interesting to learn how DIY Custom Built Ins are constructed even if you don't want to build one for yourself.Additionally, this piece of furniture is really 3 different pieces/sections stacked on top to form a single piece. With this in mind, I organized the post in case you only want to build the bottom, middle, and/or top sections.The first step to this project was to build the bottom section. It was important that I build this as sturdy as possible because the middle and top sections will sit on top of it.I started by ripping 3/4" plywood to size. Next, I attached the 2 sides to the bottom piece with glue and pocket holes.

how to make a rustic farmhouse table epoxy resin glow table

How to Make a Rustic Farmhouse Table - Epoxy Resin Glow Table

I love building tables with unique wood and epoxy resin. The combination of these two elements enhances the wood's natural beauty and preserves it's look for many years. In this tutorial, I show you how to make a rustic table with epoxy resin and reclaimed wood.I offered to build a table for my sister in November while brainstorming project ideas during Thanksgiving. My sister is older than me, which typically means she does more favors for me than I do for her.I spoke to my sister and traded many Pinterest screenshots via text over a two week period to get an idea of the style table she wanted me to build. The final decision was a industrial style table with a rustic flare with reclaimed wood.I decided to incorporate a few unique elements to this rustic table, which compliment my sister's personality and her faith.Needless to say, I was happy to build this table for my sister. I completed the table the same week as her birthday, which made it more special.

resin casting tutorial how to make mickey mouse ears

Resin Casting With Glow in the Dark Powder

In this resin casting tutorial, I show you how to make Mickey Mouse ears from a silicone mold. These Mickey Mouse ears were made from excess epoxy resin from my other woodworking projects. I used various colors to make the Mickey Mouse ears and some glow in the dark.

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