adding some jazz to our music room

Adding Some Jazz to Our Music Room

We moved into a new apartment just a few weeks ago. And though,thankfully, we unpacked right away...

a starter herb garden for an apartment bound gardening newbie

A Starter Herb Garden For An Apartment-Bound Gardening Newbie!

I've always loved the idea of growing my own, fresh herbs. But i have to admit, I've also been very...

a clock that tells it as it is

A Clock That Tells It As It Is!

I need to begin by giving a big THANK YOU to the Hometalk Community! I was a bit nervous about...

no longer afraid to give stencils a try

No Longer Afraid To Give Stencils A Try!

We live in a small, city apartment. It has what we fondly refer to as “character”. And we love it,...

a magazine holder for our small bathroom , bathroom ideas, crafts, how to, organizing, storage ideas

A Magazine Holder For Our Small Bathroom!

We recently inherited a year’s worth of New Yorker magazines. And where better to store this stash...

need bookends no problem bedrisers to the rescue , crafts, home decor, mason jars, pallet, shelving ideas, storage ideas

Need Bookends? No Problem, Bedrisers To The Rescue!

We have a bit of an awkward space in our apartment’s hallway. It is kind of narrow, but wide enough...

my tricky kitchen is no match for these organizing hacks , how to, kitchen design, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

My Tricky Kitchen Is No Match For These Organizing Hacks!

We recently moved into a new apartment. And though we are excited about it, it needs a lot of love...

our magic solution cleaning is about to become a lot easier, cleaning tips, how to

Our Magic Solution...Cleaning Is About To Become A Lot Easier!

Growing up, my contribution was generally in the kitchen and so, I found myself pretty blissfully...

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