diy unhatched dragon egg

DIY Unhatched Dragon Egg

Sometimes I have a stubborn streak and for years I have been told that I would love the popular Game of Thrones, but I kept coming up with reasons why I would not like it. One night I decided to watch, and immediately fell in love with the dragons, and the eggs they were growing in.It is with that love that I decided to make this simple DIY Unhatched Dragon Egg, which can be customized to the colors you want it to be using nail polish and thumb tacks.

redo a corn dog box

Redo a Corn Dog Box!

With these simple steps you can turn a corn dog box into functional storage.

diy up cycled plastic container

DIY Up-Cycled Plastic Container

Turn plastic container into a cute plastic bag dispenser

diy wine cork pumpkin

DIY Wine Cork Pumpkin

A simple Wine Cork Pumpkin

Jennifer Sunstein-Henberger
Jennifer Sunstein-Henberger