herb garden in patio table

Herb Garden in Patio Table

This easy table modification all started because we live in cow country and where you have cows, you have flies. They drive me crazy in the summer so I am always looking for ways to deter them. The other day I was at OSH and the sales lady said that most herbs are a natural fly repellent. That got me thinking and this project was born. Now the jury is still out if this works on the flies but I love the end results anyway.

small space garden

Small Space Garden

Don't have a lot of space but want to try out your green thumb? Here's an idea that makes use of an area that is all too often overlooked.

easy peasy garden

Easy Peasy Garden

If you are lacking in space and want a garden for succulents, herbs or flowers, just grab yourself a pallet and let the creative juices flow!

vintage tv vcr stand makeover

New Life for a 1980's TV/VCR Stand

Before the invent of flat screens and streaming video we used to have these behemoth televisions and if we were really lucky, a VCR. I remember when my daughter was about 7 (she's 26 now) we stayed in a cabin on the California Delta and it was furnished with a HUUUGE TV and NO REMOTE! How do you change the channels, she said and when I pointed out the dial she was amazed, confused and mesmerized all at the same time. Anyway, this TV like so many others of that time, sat on one of these bulky wood TV/VCR stands. Today, these obsolete eyesores can be found in thrift stores or at garage sales and even on the side of the road. I say if you find one, snatch it up and disregard the snickers from the unknowing seller, his trash equals the DIY'ers treasure.

vintage glass pane door headboard

Vintage Glass Pane Door Headboard

I'll admit it. My guest room is my favorite room in the house. It is beach themed and so inviting and while I have never slept in there, I am always looking for unique ways to add to the decor. So when I picked up a vintage glass panel door (like this one) from an antique fair, a wave of inspiration came over me. See what I did there? Beach. Wave. 😂

antique buffet meets modern technology

Antique Buffet Repurposed as Outdoor TV Cabinet

My family spends a lot of time outside and we also love watching sports of any kind on tv. I had been searching for a cabinet that I could repurpose as an entertainment center for our completely covered patio so we could enjoy the games while also enjoying the weather and son of a gun if I don't love how this turned out.

basin full of succulents

Basin Full of Succulents

I picked up a pitcher & chipped basin at a garage sale and have been waiting for inspiration to spark then a friend gave me a box of succulent cuttings & it happened.

Michelle Kirstein
Michelle Kirstein