recycle the summer challenge disposable picnic spoons, The Finished box

Recycle the Summer Challenge. Disposable Picnic Spoons

I had some leftover wooden disposable spoons. I love using these in my projects. I use them in the summer for barbecues and picnics. I decided these were going to be my recycled summer project. But how was I going to use them. I started to arrange them and found the heads looked like petals and flat they looked like a flower. I had done a sunflower pot in another project, but I had used the handles and had stuck them upright. I got my supplies together.I went searching in my craft storage, and I found a wooden Turkish delight box, so with some of these spoons, some left over paint for wood, left over from another project. Some glue and some wooden beads, I was sorted.

anthropology knock off no2 s hoop mirror, Anthropology hoop mirror

Anthropology Knock Off No2 S Hoop Mirror

I thought I would make another mirror for the anthropology challenge.This time I wanted to copy the hoop mirror, it was because I had the supplies in my craft room.

anthropology knock off no1 s everyonetarbeam mirror, Anthropology starbeam

Anthropology Knock Off No1 Starburst Mirror

I am embracing these challenges. After looking on Anthropologie Webb site I decided to make a mirror knock off, based on their starburst design.

redo rusty table to beer table now dragonfly mosaic, Table before sealing

Redo Rusty Table to Beer Table, Now Dragonfly Mosaic

After my beer cap table going rusty. (I knew I should have sealed the caps with varnish first). I had to re think what to do.I had bought from a broken coloured shell necklace from a carboot . Some of the shells were square some were oval, they had a lovely irridesent shine on them. I thought to use them instead of the beer caps.Firstly I had to get the old beer caps off the wood and clean the surface. Luckily I had my lovely husband at hand.I then drew a picture of a dragonfly on paper, I cut it out and transferred it onto the wood. This was to be a guideline only.

who inspires me my grannie inspired me to sew

Who Inspires Me. My Grannie Inspired Me to Sew.

I was given my grannies old wooden cotton reels years ago.I didn't use them much for sewing as the thread is thick and doesn't do well in my machine.I remember when I was small, when I visited, she was either sewing or knitting. Although she taught me how to knit and sew. I didn't like knitting much because it was a pain to follow a pattern.I know you still follow a pattern with sewing, but not for too long.I saw this challenge and knew what I was going to do.I was going to make a cotton reel wreath.

answer this question shoe storage, The top view

Answer This Question. Shoe Storage

My husband needed a small shoe storage and combined stool. There wasn't much room between wall and the bed, so it had to be narrow.The shoe racks in the shop weren't suitable. They were either cabinates that were too big, or open racks and no stool. So I had to upcyle, but what with?.I had an old wooden winerack I no longer used. I tried a shoe in the rack and found that a single shoe fitted alright inside. Each hole.I set about converting it.I found some blue paint in my garage, some old jeans and some other supplies.

jewelled lantern light fitting light challenge, As it would look hanging

Jewelled Lantern Light Fitting. Light Challenge

I had bought a light fitting from a carboot( originally IKEA). I liked the shape and thought I could do something creative with it. I have had it for several months but not attempted to do it, then we have this week's challenge. So I decided to create. I forgot to take a before photo.

butterflies light shade lighting challenge, This is the finished lamp shade

Butterflies Light Shade. Lighting Challenge.

I had plain lamp shades that need to have a makeover, but they needed to reflect me. I love upcycling. Bright colours, Butterflies, and sewing. So I thought to combine them all.

planter challenge sunflower planter, The painted pot

Planter Challenge. Sunflower Planter.

I wanted to do the challenge, but didn't know what I wanted to do.I was putting away some craft items I had used earlier in a class, there were some terracotta pots and some wooden spoons. Suddenly an idea formed. Sunflower pot. Using the spoons as petals.

boring mirror to garden feature, The finished mirror

Boring Mirror to Garden Feature

I had just took down a boring mirror as I was replacing it, with another.I didn't want to throw it away, so I thought it would look good in the garden. I had just the spot on a fence outside my back door. I am editing this post as I have just come home to a mess. There are glass stones on the ground, so the hot melt glue is not suitable for outside use. We have had a heat wave then a rain storm and it took its toll on my mirror. Use glue recommend by Hometalkers that have posted a reply on this post. Lesson learned. Use fix it crystal sealent instead of where stated hot glue. This works as had used this to redo and it is holding the stones in place.

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