recycle the summer challenge disposable picnic spoons, The Finished box

Recycle the Summer Challenge. Disposable Picnic Spoons

I had some leftover wooden disposable spoons. I love using these in my projects. I use them in the...

anthropology knock off no2 s hoop mirror, Anthropology hoop mirror

Anthropology Knock Off No2 S Hoop Mirror

I thought I would make another mirror for the anthropology challenge.This time I wanted to copy the...

anthropology knock off no1 s everyonetarbeam mirror, Anthropology starbeam

Anthropology Knock Off No1 Starburst Mirror

I am embracing these challenges. After looking on Anthropologie Webb site I decided to make a mirror...

redo rusty table to beer table now dragonfly mosaic, Table before sealing

Redo Rusty Table to Beer Table, Now Dragonfly Mosaic

After my beer cap table going rusty. (I knew I should have sealed the caps with varnish first). I...

who inspires me my grannie inspired me to sew

Who Inspires Me. My Grannie Inspired Me to Sew.

I was given my grannies old wooden cotton reels years ago.I didn't use them much for sewing as the...

answer this question shoe storage, The top view

Answer This Question. Shoe Storage

My husband needed a small shoe storage and combined stool. There wasn't much room between wall and...

jewelled lantern light fitting light challenge, As it would look hanging

Jewelled Lantern Light Fitting. Light Challenge

I had bought a light fitting from a carboot( originally IKEA). I liked the shape and thought I could...

butterflies light shade lighting challenge, This is the finished lamp shade

Butterflies Light Shade. Lighting Challenge.

I had plain lamp shades that need to have a makeover, but they needed to reflect me. I love...

planter challenge sunflower planter, The painted pot

Planter Challenge. Sunflower Planter.

I wanted to do the challenge, but didn't know what I wanted to do.I was putting away some craft...

boring mirror to garden feature, The finished mirror

Boring Mirror to Garden Feature

I had just took down a boring mirror as I was replacing it, with another.I didn't want to throw it...

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