Crack in basement cement wall

What steps do you take to repair and waterproof the basement wall crack?

What paint can go over Kilz primer?

Kilz is apparently an oil-based primer. For a top coat, what can be used? Acrylic latex? Suggestions please.

Shiny finish aluminum storm door

I have a white, shiny-finished aluminum storm door. I would like to paint it a sandstone colour. What steps to take, what primer, etc. Thanks.

Outdoor paint for concrete

I have residual glue on a concrete veranda after removing an indoor-outdoor carpet. It is very old and looks like an ugly yellow paint itself. Is there an outdoor... See more

Dark ring on a wood table

I have a dark ring on a dark wood table. Any advice as to how to treat it? Thanks.

How to get stains out of common white vinyl lawn chairs

My cheapie white vinyl lawn chairs, etc. go motley gray. Have tried unsuccessfully to clean them. Have painted using special spray paint for vinyl - just peels off... See more

Zinzer1-2-3 or Kilz for best primer adherence?

Have 100+ year old house. At some point, someone painted one set of stair rails. Must have been one of the earliest latex paints. It actually stretches in areas where... See more

Help getting rid of moths

Has anyone a suggestion for a moth trap like there are for flies, etc? Have one or more in the house and they can do major damage to wool and even other natural... See more

Water deposits inside crystal vase

Used a crystal vase for a bouquet. Now the inside is clouded. How do I remove it. Thanks.

Restore shine to hardwood floor.

One of the cleaners used a cloth with containing residual abrasive cleanser on my bathroom hardwood. Is there a way to restore the luster without revarathaning?... See more

Marion Nesbitt
Marion Nesbitt