diy floating shelves made from scrap wood

DIY Floating Shelves Made From Scrap Wood

So my place has a serious lack of storage and that’s led to a very cluttered entryway. I wanted to add some sort of organization to the space, somewhere to put shoes, hats, gloves and etc. AND I also really wanted to try my hand at building some floating shelves. Two birds one stone right?It was a match made in heaven.

my walnut and ash mosaic nightstands

My Walnut and Ash Mosaic Nightstands

So years ago I saw a coffee table that had a mosaic wood pattern that slowly transitioned from a darker wood to a lighter wood. It’ been stuck in my mind ever since, there's just something about that style that I find so cool and attractive. I also happened to need a set of new nightstands. I decided this was an oppurtunity to finally try and recreate that coffee table I saw years ago, but put my own twist on it!What a project this was. Let me tell you, this probably took me close to a month to finish. I was only working on it in my spare time on weekends and after work, since my day job has been really busy lately. Definitely one of my longest projects, but totally worth it! I’m really happy with how it all turned out!If you like this build and my photography check out my Instagram. I offer daily bite sized content on instagram and try to make myself available to answer as many questions as possible! Find me @zacharyms

olive wood jewelry and sunglasses rack

Olive Wood Jewelry and Sunglasses Rack

Do you have this problem: no proper place to put your sunglasses and jewelry in your bedroom? It's basically the epitome of a first world problem. None the less I was tired of looking at my bedroom dresser with sunglasses, watches and various other pieces of jewelry strewn across the top of it.I decided to build this jewelry stand as a way to reduce the clutter and organize my room. I suspect if I was single and lonely this is a problem I wouldn't have. Here I am though, with a romantic partner and all the paraphernalia that comes along with that (mostly jewelry and elastic hairbands).I got the inspiration for this project while I was at the lumber mill recently. I was picking up the walnut I used in my bedframe project when I spied some smaller pieces of live edge olive wood. I didn't know what I was going to use it for when I bought one, but I figured it out pretty quick. I was going to organize that pile of jewellery and sunglasses on top of my dresser damn it! Best of all, it only cost me 20 bucks!

my diy solid walnut bedframe

My DIY Solid Walnut Bedframe

My friend just bought a new place and was looking spruce up his bedroom with a new bed frame. After checking a few store he was having a hard time finding something that he really liked, so naturally he turned to me, his friend who runs a DIY website, to help him build a custom bed frame. He plied me with compliments and offers of free food. I caved pretty quickly because I needed new photos for my instagram ( and content for my website. My only condition was that he had to join me in the shop and help me build it, which he begrudgingly accepted..... Just kidding, he really wanted to help from the start.

floating pine and cedar corner desk

Floating Pine and Cedar Corner Desk

This floating corner desk was a project I recently built for a friend. It's my first project building a piece of furniture for someone else and it was a lot of fun! I'm starting to run out of places to put the stuff I build!My friend wanted a computer desk and had a vision for a corner desk. He asked me to build it for him and I said "Of course, I always need content for my blog and Hometalk!". From there we went back and forth and brain stormed a few ideas. Eventually we settled on a minimalist floating look. It's simple, but has a wood mosaic that keeps it from looking plain and boring.

my walnut and concrete dressing bench

My Walnut and Concrete Dressing Bench

So I've been wanting to make a cool dressing bench for a little while now. I just wanted a nice place to start my day by putting on my socks and shoes. That's not too much to ask for is it? No, I didn't think so. A reader of my blog asked me to try and do some more project involving concrete. So after some thinking and some sketches I came up with the design for this walnut and concrete dressing bench.

top 5 tools to start your diy toolkit for less than 100

Top 5 Tools To Start Your DIY Toolkit For Less Than $100

Everyone needs to start somewhere when it comes to building a tool collection. I didn't go out one day and just buy all of the tools in my collection. For me, and my family really, it's been a slow, multi-generational, process. I wanted to write this article for those of you who are just getting started in the DIY world, want to know what tools will give you the best bang for your buck.I really tried to focus on finding and linking quality tools. You could definitely build a similar toolkit for a lot less money, but it probably wouldn't last nearly as long. Many of my tools were passed on to me by my father and even my grandfather. Buying quality tools always pays off in the long run, avoid the cheap stuff and you'll have tools that you can pass onto your children. Wherever possible I'll try and include a couple of different options to help keep costs down.With this toolkit you'll be able to take apart, reassemble and fix just about anything that could go wrong in your average home. This will be the cheapest $100 you ever spend because its going to save you so much money in the future.

whats a pilot hole and when do i need to use one

Whats a Pilot Hole and When Do I Need to Use One!?

Recently I got an email from one of my readers named Sandra, she just bought a live edge hardwood table top and wanted to attach a set of metal legs to it. While this might seem like a simple job at first Sandra correctly identified that simply screwing the legs to the table top could result in cracks and splits in the surface of the table top. Not exactly what you want to have happen when you just spent a bunch of money on big wood slab.I thought this would be a great excuse to write an article explaining why and when it's important to use pilot holes when building DIY projects.

declutter my entertainment unit with some double sided tape

Declutter My Entertainment Unit With Some Double Sided Tape

Hopefully you’ve seen my recent Entertainment Unit build guide. One of my key objectives in that build was to create a fully functional entertainment unit with as little clutter as humanly possible. And when I say fully functional, I mean fully functional. I wanted to have a PlayStation, an Android TV box, a Google Home and all of the accessories that come along with those things. I just didn’t want to see them. It took a bit of planning, but I think I nailed it in the end.Let me show you how I did it.

my mid century modern inspired entertainment unit build

My Mid-Century Modern Inspired Entertainment Unit Build

I've been wanting to build an entertainment unit/TV stand for a while now. After months of crawling pinterest and looking for inspiration I finally settled on this design. The horizontal shelves are made of solid 8/4 walnut (my poor wallet) while the vertical "legs" are made of solid 4/4 maple. It's got a simple look and I used a few tricks a long the way to help cleanup my whole living room and decrease clutter.

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