Quartz counter tops, similar look to marble? Help!

Hi.I am having white cupboards and we are going to have a quartz counter top. I am having a difficult time picking out something that looks like marble.We are thinking of having light grey walls through out.There are counter tops with a wide swirl throughout or should we go with a smaller design swirl. Sorry have no pictures.

White kitchen and counter top?

Re: our new bungalow: Would a white quartz marble counter top look good with white cupboards. We thought of grey walls but wondering about white walls. Only problem we have a cream sofa. Look forward to your opinion
q white kitchen and counter top

Bedroom redecorating question

My daughter is redecorating her bedroom. Her night tables are low. She bought 2 lamps which are small. They are very nice. Should she keep the smaller lamps or buy taller ones. Sorry l do not have pictures to show. She thought the small lamps would look better. Your suggestion would be of great help. Thank you. Elaine

Outdoor rug- what would go with this pattern?

Hi. Attached is a picture of my outdoor cushions. I have been looking for an outdoor rug but have not found one that would go with this pattern. What colour would you suggest? I look forward to your reply. Thank you. Elaine
q outdoor rug

Living room decoration

Hi. 1. Like to replace our coffee table as l feel it is too big even though l like it. Suggestion please? 2. We have 4 brown panels curtains which just frames our windows. We do not close them as we face a forest in our back yard. I would like to change the colour to match our sofa and area rug. I was thinking of off white? Your suggestion would be greatly appreciated. We do not get alot of sunlight and want to brighten up our living room. Brown curtain panels were here when we bought our townhouse. Attached photos. Thank you and look forward to your suggestions. Elaine
q living room decoration

How to optimize my backyard landscaping?

We back onto a forest. I have planted flowers but would like to improve on making it more beautifully landscaped to enjoy the look from our deck in the spring and summer. I am attaching a photo for your review. Thank you Elaine
q have a forest in our back yard