how to ecoprint on paper

How to EcoPrint on Paper

How to EcoPrint on Paper – Learn how to print beautiful papers using leaves and flowers with this step by step Eco Printing TutorialLast year, I started my venture into eco printing with leaves, stems and flowers gathered in my garden which I then printed onto silk chiffon and cotton fabric. Those prints turned out to be awesome – I even eco printed some t-shirts for friends.This time, I experimented with Ecoprint on Paper. I used plain, white cardstock paper which I soaked in alum to mordant. I also used iron and copper (modifiers) to shift or ‘sadden’ the color. Both worked really well to strengthen and bring out the color of the leaves and flowers.(Note: Iron and Copper modifiers take about 2 weeks to make so plan accordingly)(See full step by step instructions at the link below.)

super easy diy envelopes

Super Easy DIY Envelopes

A TutorialLearn how to make cute DIY Envelopes using scrap book paper, magazine pages and other fun printed paper.Years ago, when my Mom and I used to still write letters to each other, we started making our own handmade envelopes. We used everything from the Sunday newspaper comic section to old calendar pages and even our own photographs.It’s especially fun to personalize your envelopes based on what your recipient likes.Do they love to solve crossword puzzles? Why not use a page from a crossword puzzle book. Christmas paper for Christmas cards or take a page from a horse calendar to make an envelope for your favorite horse lover. The options are truly endless.See full step by step instructions at (link below)

super easy diy wine gift bag from a sweater

Super Easy DIY Wine Gift Bag From a Sweater

Easily repurpose an old sweater into a Wine Sleeve or Wine Gift BagAs I was cleaning my craft room the other day, I came across a pile of old (and ugly) sweaters that I bought a few years back with the intention of upcycling or repurposing them. For some reason, those craft projects got put on the back burner.So, with Fall and Winter right around the corner, I figure this is the perfect time to tackle those sweater craft projects. The first one is going to be this DIY Wine Bottle Sweater Bag.Wine is such a great and easy gift but those wine gift bags are boring, right? It’s much more fun to make your own wine gift bag and what’s more fun than an old sweater?See full step by step instructions at (link below)

eco printing on cotton

Eco Printing on Cotton

What is Eco Printing?The way I understand it, Eco Printing is a form of natural dyeing where the colors from plant material are transferred to paper or fabric via steaming or boiling. (If anyone out there has a better definition, by all means let me know).SAFETY NOTE: Even tho it’s called ‘Natural Dyeing’ and ‘Eco Printing’, beware that some substances used can be very toxic.Before you try any natural dyeing methods at home, please do your homework first.See full step by step instructions at (link below)

how to make a cool glass garden art totem

How to Make a Cool Glass Garden Art Totem

A tutorial (full instructions at link below)The other day, my hubby and I went to our favorite garden nursery in search of vegetable plants and flowers and guess what else I found …. funky yard art!They had every kind of garden art you can imagine from the normal whirly, iron weather vanes and garden figures made from old pitch forks to some really cool, Glass Garden Totem Poles.

marbled goat milk soap gift idea

Marbled Goat Milk Soap (Gift Idea!)

A tutorialWith Christmas right around the corner, I’m in full DIY gift crafting mode. I absolutely love making presents for my friends and I especially love making soaps, scrubs and bath products! The past few years, I made Yummy Bath Bombs so this year I decided to try making Marbled Goat Milk Soap. I admit, I cheated and didn’t actually make the soap. Instead, I used a goat milk melt & pour soap base that I found at the craft store and added different colors and essential oils.See full step by step instructions at the link below

diy alcohol ink christmas ornaments

DIY Alcohol Ink Christmas Ornaments

A tutorial.Hey, I’m back with another fun craft project using alcohol inks … DIY Alcohol Ink Ornaments! I’m sort of obsessed with alcohol inks, truly. You can create such gorgeous, painterly effects with them. Almost like watercolor paints but better, brighter. And Christmas is right around the corner.My kids and I used to decorate glass globe ornaments by pouring different color paints inside and letting them swirl and marble. Those are still some of my favorite Christmas tree ornaments. So, I decided to try painting them with alcohol inks. The first one I did was pretty but the colors didn’t stand out on the clear glass. After some pondering, I decided to try painting a white background first. But, instead of painting the outside of the globe, I poured the white inside the globe and now the colors pop!See full step by step instructions at (see link below)

diy hand felted journal cover

DIY Hand Felted Journal Cover

A tutorial - see link belowWe’ve been going to a lot of art, craft and flea markets the past few months and I’ve noticed a new trend of creative journal makers. Some gorgeous work from leather to fabric, even steam punk deco with gears and watch parts. Way more work than I care to do but WOW! So, I thought I could make a wet felted journal cover.I’m not making my own paper (yet) but covering a journal was pretty simple and also fun! Just so happens that I have a bunch of leftover wet felted wool pieces and hey, who doesn’t love a pretty journal? Oh, and what a great gift idea. You could even personalize these journals with a needle felted monogram.

fun tea towels dyed with rit, crafts, how to

Fun Tea Towels Dyed With Rit!

More Shibori tie dyeing fun. White tea towels? Boring!! I tell ya, nothing is safe around here. If something at my house is a solid color, it’s only a matter of time before I add some bright color and dye it up!
If you’ve been following my dyeing tutorials, you know I usually use professional dyes. Sometimes, I’ll bust out the Kool-Aid or food coloring. This time, I wanted to see how good Rit Dyes are. I must say, I was impressed with the depth of color I got on these tea towels.
Get full step by step instructions at (link below)

painting bed sheets groovy hippie colorful, crafts

Make These! Groovy Hippie Bed Sheets!

My youngest just had a birthday and she’s been trying to fix up her room. We needed some updated bedding stuffs and Nikki likes cool, hippie, Pink Floyd, guitars, The Beatles so, of course, I thought I CAN MAKE THAT! (Do you do that?). I love COLOR! Lots of bright colors and dyeing, painting, upcycling, so I dyed her pillowcase and duvet cover and then painted a peace sign on the pillowcase for fun!

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