How do I find the cause of rotting wooden planks in my basement?

I just came from inspecting my basement and saw several examples of the wooden planks appearing to have rotted areas but there is no leaking in my basement. The house... See more
q just noticed some rotting wood in wooden planks in my basement

How often should termite inspections be done?

I used to pay a pest control company $115 a year to annually inspect my home for termites but after seeing their 10 minute cursory inspection with just shining a... See more

How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

I was wondering how often I should have my gutters cleaned? I currently do it every six months or so. I plan on getting it done pretty soon now since leaves have... See more

How does one get the best solar-powered generator for power outages?

With all the power outages associated with hurricanes and storms recently, I would like to get recommendations on a good solar-powered generator to buy. I don't... See more

How do I determine if I need flood insurance?

I talked to my insurance company and they said I live in a low risk flood zone and that the policy and payment if I got flood insurance would be directly with the... See more

Home Back-Up Power Total systems; worth the money?

I have heard about and seen infomercials for a company that sells back-up power systems for homes where the generator is outside next to the house, is powered by... See more

How do I stop a sewer smell coming from my tub?

Upstairs I have two full bathrooms including tubs. I always shower in one and then use the sinks in the other after showering. After I shower in the first, I notice... See more

Who is responsible for fallen trees into another's yard?

Yesterday we had a severe rain and wind storm and as a result a huge tree branch from my neighbor's yard separated and fell into my yard. Before I hire a company... See more

Wasps or hornets building combs in crevice on front porch?

I have two pretty active wasp combs or hives on each side of my front porch. What is the best way to get rid of them without getting hurt/stung? I fear that... See more

Termite Inspection: how often and where and what to look for?

I am still not sure if an annual termite inspection is really necessary and, if not, what is a good periodicity for having one done. I also want to know what areas... See more

Michael Patton
Michael Patton