things are looking up pretty new ceiling treatment cornices crown

Things Are Looking up. Pretty New Ceiling Treatment, Cornices & Crown

A few years ago a bought a real fixer. Over the years I totally gutted it and opened up the living room,dining room and kitchen. It was nice but opening up the space left the 8 ft ceiling looking boring. Structurally I couldn’t raise the ceiling. But I still wanted to add some interest to the ceiling and better define the spaces.

pretty sliding barn door it slides behind a dresser

Pretty Sliding Barn Door. It Slides Behind a Dresser.

Okay. you may be tired of seeing my sliding door projects, but this one is the last. My master bath is really small and the door opens into the room making it even tighter. I thought I didnt have the space for a barn door because I have a small dresser just to the right of the bathroom door. I need this small dresser there because bathroom is so small so it holds my bath towels, linens and toiletries.The solution is to have door slide behind the dresser

let s frame things up what a difference a frame makes part 2

Let’s Frame Things up. What a Difference a Frame Makes Part 2

Bought some art work on line that wasn’t very expensive, but discovered just how expensive it can be to frame it.

let s frame things up what a difference a frame makes

Let’s Frame Things Up. What a Difference a Frame Makes.

First I started by framing my Living Room TV. I prefer to hang my TV so they don’t take up space on the credenza and gives a little more upscale look.

designer sliding mirror bedroom closet doors

Designer Sliding Mirror Bedroom Closet Doors

I have been replacing some of my hollow core doors for a more up scale look. I didn’t think I could get a sliding barn door here because of space constraints, until I thought of using 2 doors opening from center out.

is it real or is it silk silk flowers with real plants

Is It Real? Or is It Silk? Silk Flowers With Real Plants

Was looking for a new silk arrangement for my bedroom, because I do not have a green thumb. I found the perfect arrangement in a gift shop in Naples Florida. $275.00. Whoa. But I loved it.

beautiful area carpets on a budget

Beautiful Area Carpets on a Budget

I wanted some new area rugs for my bedroom, but since my whole house was a total gut job I couldn’t afford new. This is what I didI went to a couple of local carpet stores looking for remnants. I found one that was just the exact color I want for my bedroom. It was actually big enough to cut into two pieces

beautiful shower curtains ceiling tracks for your shower and bath

Beautiful Shower Curtains Ceiling Tracks for Your Shower and Bath.

I don't like the look of just a single shower curtain nor do I like the look of a double shower rod. Aside from the look of the shower curtain rod it doesn’t seem to draw smoothly. It tends to catch along the way. Though I like to be thrifty getting a designer look for the least amount of money is my goal. What I use is a ceiling curtain track with a cloth liner and rod pocket panels. You will need a longer shower liner that you can find on Amazon.

planter tiki torch

Planter Tiki Torch

I love the glow of tiki torches, but not so much to look at during the day. I‘m thinking what can I do to take them up a notch. How bout fire and flora?So I had a couple of pretty blue ceramic planters and this is what I came up with. My costs were about $10 not counting the ceramice planter or plants.

new life to old bathroom tile surround title over title yes you can

New Life to Old Bathtub Surround. “Tile Over Tile” Yes You Can

My 4” white bathroom tile was in very good condition without any cracks or loose tiles. Boring! Couldn’t really afford a contractor to rip it out and replace. So I enhanced it with beautiful mother of pearl and glass mosaic centerpiece over the existing tile. I have before pictures but unfortunately I don’t have any during the process. Hopefully I can convey the process without pictures. Same concept was used in my Master Shower, but did it like wainscoting BeforeAfterNew life to old bathroom. You don‘t have to have white tiles. Your old tile can be any size or color as long as they are in good condition, just coordinate with new tiles. I did quite a bit of research on the web to see if you can tile over tile. Most sites said yes, but one suggested it wasn’t a good idea. Mine has been done for 2 1/2 years. And its still perfect.