galvanized metal pails turned christmas tree

Galvanized Metal Pails Turned Christmas Tree

Tis the season to start thinking about Christmas decor and my mind has been racing with ideas. On a trip to my Dollar Store I spotted three different size pails and I started to pile them on top of each other in the middle of the aisle. Yes I got a few funny glances, but I was too excited to care.I struggled for a brief moment with what I was going to use for the base then it hit me. A lamp base of course. I knew this was going to make a great tree!

from serving platter to picture frame

From Serving Platter to Picture Frame

I'm sure if you look around in your cupboards you will find one or two of these, we all have them. By them I mean the silver serving platters. I inherited mine and held on to them. Never actually used them for what they were supposed to be used for, but I loved the shape of them. So when I was searching for the perfect frame for my beloved Grandma's pictures these immediately came to mind. My Gramma lived to the beautiful age of 103. She passed last November due to complications from a fall. Up until then she was blessed with good health and was able to live in her own home. I was given a picture of her when she was a young girl of 13 and I had the picture of her already of her at 103. She is deeply missed but these pictures help fill that void and are a reminder of what a remarkable woman she was.

5 minute ghosts

5 Minute Ghosts

You don't need to spend a lot of money on Halloween decorations, or a lot of time. All you need are a few items from your Dollar store. I have two trees in my garden and I knew I wanted to make them in to ghosts this year.

solar light fall makeover

Solar Light Fall Makeover

So some of you may have seen my post in the early summer where I created a solar light using a flower collar. I love creating different things for my solar light edison bulbs from season to season. I was inspired once again after I finished my recent post making pumpkins out of metal strapping to create my solar light using the same material. It appears owls are very popular in fall decor, they seem to be on everything so I took my inspiration from that.

from plumbing parts to a work of art

From Plumbing Parts to a Work of Art

So I was helping my brother hang an outdoor solar light and we needed something to secure it to the wall and he comes back with this metal strapping. As I watched him cut and bend this stuff the wheels in my head started turning thinking of all the things I could create with this. Seeing as fall is fast approaching I was envisioning pumpkins. So I made a quick trip to Home Depot to get me some strapping, it just happens to be in the plumbing aisle. I didn't know what I was going to use for the stem until I spotted these copper elbows in all different sizes. They were perfect for the look I wanted to create. I couldn't wait to get started on this project.

umbrella outdoor solar light

Umbrella Outdoor Solar Light

Hi my name is Melanie and I'm a solar light addict. If any of you have seen any of my recent posts you will know what I am talking about. There is just something magical about solar lights that I love. I have this post in my backyard that was once home to a bird feeder but it was quite close to our backstep so we were forever cleaning bird droppings. I have been trying to figure out what to do with it and I just kept picturing an umbrella on top of it, add some solar lights and voila!

garden makeover

Garden Makeover

It's nice to finally see the warm weather arrive, I say that with a bit of sarcasm because it is June 23rd and a balmy 14 degrees Celsius! Not your typical summer weather here in Ontario. None the less my deck and garden around it were in desperate need of a makeover. At least I can say I didn't sweat doing this project. I sanded my deck and restrained it, and added lattice around the bottom as it was an eyesore. I had wood ties around my garden that were rotted and needed to be replaced. Found this great product that made my life easy.

stove pipe outdoor solar lighting

Stove Pipe Outdoor Solar Lighting

I seen this outdoor garden solar lighting at Costco. It looked like it was made from tin with holes all up and down the sides of it, and solar lights strung up and down inside of it. I loved it but not the price for it so needless to say it stayed at Costco. The idea though stuck in my head and I knew I had to try and recreate it. So off to my Restore.
First step is to buy your pipes. Restore had the perfect size I wanted and only cost me $3.00. Next was to purchase outdoor string solar lights. I found mine at Giant Tiger 150 solar light set. All you need now is a cordless drill.

solar light bonnets

Solar Light Bonnets

If you have seen any of my posts you will know I have a thing for creating different solar lights. I am a fan of the edison style solar lights as they are so easy to create different looks with them and are extremely easy to work with. I have been busy making over my deck the last couple of weeks. (Posts to follow soon) but I wanted to share with you this idea. They are oh so cute and say summer.

quick and easy solar lights

Quick and Easy Solar Lights

I am a solar light addict, I have them throughout my yard and I love creating my own, this season is no different. I spotted these things called flower collars at my Dollar Store, I personally have never heard of a flower collar but I knew it would make a great shell for my solar light bulbs I already had.

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