solar light fall makeover

Solar Light Fall Makeover

So some of you may have seen my post in the early summer where I created a solar light using a...

from plumbing parts to a work of art

From Plumbing Parts to a Work of Art

So I was helping my brother hang an outdoor solar light and we needed something to secure it to the...

umbrella outdoor solar light

Umbrella Outdoor Solar Light

Hi my name is Melanie and I'm a solar light addict. If any of you have seen any of my recent posts...

garden makeover

Garden Makeover

It's nice to finally see the warm weather arrive, I say that with a bit of sarcasm because it is...

stove pipe outdoor solar lighting

Stove Pipe Outdoor Solar Lighting

I seen this outdoor garden solar lighting at Costco. It looked like it was made from tin with holes...

solar light bonnets

Solar Light Bonnets

If you have seen any of my posts you will know I have a thing for creating different solar lights. I...

quick and easy solar lights

Quick and Easy Solar Lights

I am a solar light addict, I have them throughout my yard and I love creating my own, this season...

patio furniture makeover

Patio Furniture Makeover

Spring has been a long time coming this year. Yesterday was -10 degrees Celsius, today it is +17...

bicycle wheel rim art

Bicycle Wheel Rim Art

Creating wall art doesn't always have to be hard, sometimes it's just adding the simplest things...

from table to mirror

From Table to Mirror

So we probably all know someone who has had one of these small round tables that you put little...

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