farmhouse kitchen awning

Farmhouse Kitchen Awning

I made these farmhouse style awnings for my kitchen windows, but really they would be great anywhere - playroom, bedroom, etc.

halloween diy spell books

Halloween DIY Spell Books

These 'Spell Books' were a fun DIY to add to my kitchen Halloween decor. They were made from old cookbooks (mostly diet books - I mean, this Mama of 8 survives on coffee and sugary junk to get me through the day and wine to get me through the night, if we're being totally honest - no diet books needed 'round here, my friends!)These are pretty self-explanatory but I am going to add some pictures to show you what I did. Basically, you take brown craft paper and wrap your books old school and secure them with tape. Next you paint them black (I chose spray paint but craft paint and a foam brush work just as well) and finally you add your titles with a white paint marker. That's it! So easy and simple!

the easiest simplest diy fall farmhouse decor ever

The Easiest & Simplest DIY Fall Farmhouse Decor Ever!

If loving paper plates is wrong, I don't want to be right, my friends.Be prepared to see the only DIY you will need for your FALL decor this year!Aaaaaand, it's crazy simple and crazy cheap!I'm on IG↘ ↙ @perfectlydestressedAnd FB↘ ↙ @perfectlydestressedAre you? If so, be my friend!

buffalo check painted floor

Buffalo Check Painted Floor

Buffalo check is kind of one of my fav things in the decor world right now. So, I decided to paint the pattern on my kitchen floor. It is definitely in the category of 'disasterous nightmare turned okayish project'. You know, that category.Anywho, if you decide to try your hand at your own buffalo check painted rug, take my advice and take my advice!@ perfectlydestressed

art supply storage solution

Art Supply Storage Solution - Farmhouse Style

Most days my house looks like the Crayola Crayon Factory exploded (threw up?) on my dining room table. This is my super simple solution.I make crap. It's what I do. Follow me for more DIY ideas!

upcycled book decor

Upcycled Book Decor

Our local thrift store was giving away books! I was like WHA???????? So, of course I ran over there and got me some! They weren't books I would read (and trust me, I love to read!) and most of them were ripped, stained or somehow destroyed hence making them unreadable. But, I knew I could use them for something! (PSST! - I'm always making crap like this! Follow along @perfectlydestressed)

hanging light pendant update

Farmhouse Pendant Lighting

When we bought our house, the kitchen had been somewhat updated. One of the additions to the kitchen was the Pendant Light Strip above the breakfast bar. Although it wasn't horrible, it's never really been my favorite thing.

painted upholstered chair

Painted Upholstered Chair

I took this chair from brown and stained to gray and trendy in a weekend!Oh, me? I make crap. It's what I do. @ perfectlydestressed - please won't you be my neighbor?

simple slipcover

Simple Slipcover

With a family of 10, you could say our furniture is well-loved (and that would be putting it nicely). For as hard as I try to keep it clean and in good shape, it's starting to show it's age and is not quite as comfortable as it used to be. Although I have dreams of new sofas, the reality is, that we have to make due for now (or, most likely, for a long time) So, I decided to add a large pillow to the middle of the couch to add a bit of extra cushion and support. The original pillows are still on the sofa, just off to the side to try to disguise that really uncomfortable wood piece that seems to be bulging out of each side. Using items I had at home already (my favorite way to DIY!) I added a bit of life to a saggy sofa. If you like this DIY, join me on IG @ perfectlydestressed! I am always up to something!

sofa headboard

Sofa Headboard

We have a long, narrow family room with only one true full wall for furniture. This means we have had to be creative with our furniture arrangement. One of the things we did was make our own sort of sectional with a couch and an ottoman. I made the Sofa Headboard to go behind the ottoman and prevent bonked heads and to give a comfortable place to lean back and relax on. I hope you like it!There are more DIY's on my Instagram page @ perfectlydestressed - I would love for you to join me!

Perfectly DeStressed
Perfectly DeStressed
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