diy paper leaf garland

DIY Paper Leaf Garland

How to make your own paper leaf garland using scrapbook paper

diy marbled vases

DIY Marbled Vases

Do you guys remember those eggs and pumpkins I marbled? And do you remember those vases I just painted? Let's just say you do, k? Ideas were starting to form in my head about getting those two projects to come together. If you have ever faux marbled anything like this you will understand why I marbled so many vases. Despite all of the fumes I inhaled, this project was so much fun...almost therapeutic actually (maybe that was partly due to the fumes). I might faux marble a vase everyday to calm my nerves this summer while the kids are home from school. I did this project a few different ways and I have my favorite way. Each way works but you'll get a slightly different outcome each time.

diy planters

DIY Planters

Remember that faux fiddle leaf fig plant I just made?? If you don't-go check out that post on my blog and then come back. That little planter I put it in is a painted trash can. For reals. Did I fool you?? Maybe? Just a little? This was one of those projects that got invented in a random aisle at Big Lots. Maybe I'm a little crazy but I saw some trash cans and had to buy them...not for trash. That would make too much sense. These little planters are perfect on a deck or a porch or anywhere there are kids (and/or a dog) that like to knock things over. I made a few different versions of my trash can planters. They were $3 each so I splurged and bought a few trash cans. One trash can had to get thrown in the trash. Ironic, I know. I won't even try to explain to you what the heck I was trying to do but it was a total fail. The other two turned out pretty cute for only $3 and some paint.

diy large wall decor on a budget

DIY Large Wall Decor On A Budget

If you have been following me on Instagram or even if you have read a few of my posts then you should know things were bound to change on my mantel. I have had a mirror on my mantel since we moved in and while I liked the look of the mirror it was reflecting our dang ceiling fan that I'm not in love with. I live with hot blooded people and they would not survive without a fan in here (insert eye roll emoji). They ceiling fan reflection But I am not a huge art fan. I can never find anything I love and usually when I do it's pretty expensive. Since I have commitment issues with my home decor I knew better than to spend tons of money on art at this moment in my life. So the mirror stayed up for over a year. There is beautiful art you can download and print on the internet for under $20. I spent days on Etsy and google looking at all the gorgeous prints until I found THE one! Head over to my blog to see where I found my beautiful print and how I had it printed at Staples for cheap!

diy board and batten

DIY Board and Batten

This is my third board and batten project and each time was a different and entertaining experience. And each time the end result was so much better than what I originally started with. This time though, I got my stuff together and worked smarter. Well, actually the first time I installed board and batten I had my dad do it for me so I worked real smart that time. The second time should have been easy but I ran into way too many issues that made me think I never wanted to do board and batten again. The third time was the charm though. For full details make sure to head over to my blog.

diy magnolia wreath

DIY Magnolia Wreath

This poor magnolia wreath has been through so much and it's all my fault. He started out as a regular Magnolia wreath I purchased from Hobby Lobby years ago. He moved with us to the new house and was on my front door for a long time. One day, I took my Magnolia wreath apart and ever since then I just couldn't get him to look like he used to. I took him apart again and decided I needed to add some life back into the wreath with some dried eucalyptus. This is just a summary of the project. To see the full tutorial head over to my blog

no sew pillow cover using a table runner

No Sew Pillow Cover Using A Table Runner

For those of you that know me, know that I have a serious addiction to pillows and if you have been hanging out for any amount of time over on my blog you will find a handful of pillow tutorials. I am not afraid to turn anything into a pillow cover. I have used placemats, napkins, fabric (the obvious choice) and now a table runner. This pillow cover was so easy to make. Yes, I say that about all of them but that is because they are. I have limited patience. I like my crafts to be quick and fun. I like changing up my pillows per the season so making quick and budget friendly pillow covers is perfect for me. I keep a few old faithfuls on my couch year round and then throw in the napkin/placemat/table runner pillows in for added color. With kids and a dog, spending a ton of money on pillows isn’t going to happen right now. And the pretty pillows I have purchased that cost more than $4.99 are hiding in my closet until the kids go to college.I have had this table runner I purchased at Walmart for almost a year now and for one day only I actually had it on our kitchen island...and then the kids had lunch...and I washed it to remove the ketchup stains and put it back on the island for one more day. I then quickly realized it wasn't destined to be a table runner. I made this pillow cover almost exactly how I made my no sew pillow cover but this one was actually easier. And with all of my pillows I use fabric glue. Yes, you can use a sewing machine but glue is so much easier and faster. If I knew these pillows would last on my couch for longer than a season I might have used a machine instead. I had a pillow insert already (since I have a pillow addiction) but you will first want to determine what size pillow you want depending on your table runner. My pillow is about a 12X27.

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