how to make a rustic twig star

How to Make A Rustic Twig Star

A need for a new design element in my living room also helped me clean up my yard! I was searching for something new to decorate my mantle. Looking outside, I saw the perfect craft material for my latest project. Grabbing 15 twigs from my backyard, I made this simple rustic star. This star can be used as a rustic decoration, or embellished with lights, wire, or glitter to be the "star" of any room or occasion.

no sew wall pocket wreath with flowers

No-Sew Wall Pocket Wreath With Flowers

Sadly, I'm not very good at needlework. So I put my embroidery hoop to new use by creating a wall pocket wreath to display some cheery flowers in my home! This wall pocket wreath can be hung on the wall, on your front door, or can be placed on a mantle. Although I used a round hoop for my wall pocket, you can also use a rectangular picture frame.

thrift store eyesore transformed into romantic jewelry armoire

Thrift Store Eyesore Transformed Into Romantic Jewelry Armoire

I love all the jewelry chest makeovers that I see all over the web and wanted to do my own. However, when I went to the thrift store, the only option I could find was this weird Christmas-themed box. Yikes! I was a bit disappointed, but I decided to turn this old box into a romantic jewelry armoire. Using some paint, stencils, scrapbook paper, and some vintage postcards, I gave this old box a new look and a new purpose.

winter cardinal sitting on a bell a polymer clay ornament

Winter Cardinal Sitting on a Bell - A Polymer Clay Ornament

We love watching cardinals visit our backyard feeder during the winter months. So I couldn't resist making a cute cardinal ornament for our Christmas tree this year! Although this tutorial shows you how to make a cardinal, you could use a photo for reference to make a variety of birds for this ornament.

diy merry christmas sign using family photos

DIY Merry Christmas Sign Using Family Photos

It's wonderful to display photos of friends and family in your home, especially during the holiday season. This cheery sign is a great way to incorporate your favorite photos into your Christmas decorating!

easy woodland twig reindeer tutorial just in time for christmas

Easy Woodland Twig Reindeer Tutorial - Just in Time for Christmas!

I had been looking for a set of reindeer figurines to display on my mantle during the Christmas season, but couldn't find exactly what I wanted. With a few basic craft supplies and some twigs from my yard, I made this cute woodland reindeer pair. These rustic reindeer are adorable additions to any home or Christmas tree decorating!

take a peek at this sock snowman peeking out of a holiday gift bag

Take a Peek at This Sock Snowman, Peeking Out of a Holiday Gift Bag

I think a lot of these small holiday gift bags are too pretty and charming to just use as throw-away wrapping for gifts. So I decided to use one as a home for a cute sock snowman! This finished project would make a great Christmas tree ornament or teacher's gift.

crafting a decorative felt christmas tree

Crafting a Decorative Felt Christmas Tree

The handmade Christmas tree was inspired by an applique tree I saw in Pinterest years ago. With some math and planning, I created my own similar tree that I can proudly display year round. I'm not going to lie - this project was not quick, but I love the completed Christmas tree.

a bat tastic display for a halloween mantle

A BAT-tastic Display for a Halloween Mantle

I wasn't really happy with how my fall decorations looked, so I grabbed a few handy materials to make this quick bat-themed Halloween project. I think it adds just the right bit of fun to my fall mantle!

a favorite basket gets a new look every season and holiday

A Favorite Basket Gets A New Look Every Season and Holiday

A favorite basket gets filled season in and season out with different elements and decorations to welcome the changes throughout the year! See how you can use your favorite objects to decorate for the changing seasons and holidays.