inexpensive diy fire pit

Inexpensive DIY Fire Pit

Happy memorial day weekend everyone! My husband and I are working hard to make our yard look nicer, so we decided to ditch out our portable metal fire pit for a permanent one. If you're interested in building one yourself, check out the minimal steps to achieve one of your own!

our under 700 diy kitchen makeover, Our finished project

Our Under $2500 DIY Kitchen Makeover

I'm pretty excited to share this inexpensive kitchen makeover that we did ourselves! When we first moved to our new house last year, we knew it needed some serious cosmetic work done (But such is life when buying a cheap starter home). And Although the kitchen cabinets were already white, everything else seemed outdated. (But mind you, our house was built in the late 70's) There was an ugly grey Famica counter top (that was already peeling in some places), the appliances were old, and there was not much counter top space and storage. This project felt like it took forever, but the process really wasn't that long, and it was actually pretty inexpensive to renovate, which was even better. So, grab a snack and enjoy our kitchen makeover story, or just scroll down too see the final result!

Taryn Gentile
Taryn Gentile