Ideas for framing out recessed shelves?

I have this hole in the wall of my 1/2 bath where I removed a poorly placed medicine cabinet, and I'd like to replace it with a built-in shelf or niche (not sure what the difference is?). It's already framed by studs on either side, but the top and the bottom have a 2" gap between the wood and the wall. Not sure what's the best/easiest way to close it up and finish everything off. I'd like to keep as much of the existing space as possible. Ideas?
q ideas for framing out recessed shelves

What's the trick to installing kitchen cabinet doors?

I had some hinges replaced from the old brass exposed ones to new European hidden ones. Had a handyman prep the doors, but figured I'd install them myself. After hours of drilling and holding cabinet doors over my head they're still not secure (doors wiggle back and forth when they open and close), and one of them scrapes on the base cabinet when opened. Help!