How do I prevent the snow from falling off my mason jar candles ?

I am finding putting them in gift bags the snow falls off with tissue paper, I don’t have boxes but I know that it would fall over in a box too. Can anyone tell me how they wrapped theirs for Christmas thank you
q how do i prevent the snow from falling off my mason jar candles

How do I remove my Brussel sprouts ?

I live in CANADA where our weather is always so unpredictable , my Brussel sprouts were late but ready now but this is my first time growing them and now I don’t know how to remove them from their stalks could someone explain it to me?

How can I tell if my lids sealed on my pickles? ?

I am first time pickling and do not know for sure if my mason jar lids sealed properly. These are not canned they are just refrigerated pickles meant to last only 2 to 3 mo’nths in fridge. Is there a way to tell without having to actually open the jars? Also did I leave enough of a headspace
q how can i tell if my lids sealed on my pickles

How do I stop this white ring on my tomatoes?

After several days of rain and cooler weather I discovered this white ring around the tops of some of my tomatoes, does anyone know what this is or how to stop it ? I have never seen this before.
q how do i stop this white ring on my tomatoes

How do I can apples ?

I want to can my apples but not as an apple pie filling, is it possible to can just apple slices

How can I can without a pressure canner?

I am battling a rare form of bone cancer and decided to grow a vegetable garden and some berries so I can eat healthy foods. I’d like to can some of my vegetables and berries but can’t afford a pressure canner, or a canner at all at this for the time being is there another way for me to can my vegetables?

How for the 2nd year am I getting these in my cucumbers?

Last year I planted field cucumbers and got a yellow oval thing growing instead of cucumbers. Wasn’t able to determine what they were. I bought new seeds different garden store this year and I got cucumbers except for one of these yellow ones again. Does anyone know what these are?
q how for the 2nd year am i getting these in my cucumbers

How do you pickle with old brine?

I read some where on Pinterest that you can save the brine that comes from store bought pickles and reuse it to pickle your own. Could someone explain to me how to do this?

How do I get rid of water mold on peas, can my peas be saved?

How do you get rid of water mold on my peas? We had a lot of rain and suddenly the weather changed to really high temperatures and scorching sun. I see today half my peas have a white film and so do the leaves.
q how do i get rid of water mold on peas can my peas be saved

I made several fairy gardens and accessories for the first time

I made all my furniture for ten different fairy gardens using a hot glue gun which was HOT and varnished everything. 3 weeks later everything to my sadness started just falling a part , what did I do wrong?