episode 10 the trendy wall update that everyone wants

Episode 10: The Trendy Wall Update That Everyone Wants

If you're in the Houston area, you can Team Up with Amber to create your own shiplap walls. Get an in-person consultation, as well as a customized plan and detailed material list to get this project done! Just click here to get started!

episode 9 beating the heat with pallets

Episode 9: Beating the Heat With Pallets

If you're in the Houston area, you can Team Up with a Hometalker like Leesa to create your own pallet wall. Get all the materials you need, as well as a customized plan and hands-on help to get this project done! Just message Leesa here to get started!

episode 8 the decluttering project every mom dreams about

Episode 8: The Decluttering Project Every Mom Dreams About

Once her kids' playroom became overstuffed with toys, Melanie knew she needed a full overhaul, but she was way too nervous to try and tackle the job on her own. She decided to team up with Hometalker Sharon, a pro organizer and master of decluttering, to get hands-on help to turn her playroom into an organized space.

episode 7 no one deserves a good night s sleep like this survivor

Episode 7: Watch This Headboard Go From Outdated to Outstanding

After being displaced from her home by Hurricane Harvey, Lisa is trying to recover and resettle her life and her home, starting with a well-deserved beautiful bed. Lisa wasn't sure how to tackle her project alone, so she teamed up with All-Star Hometalker Rhonda to get hands-on help to turn an old headboard and footboard into a beautiful customized bed set.

episode 6 home office goes from totally dull to magazine worthy

Episode 6: Home Office Goes From Totally Dull to Magazine-worthy

< Previous episode |Vanessa knew that she wanted to do something with that boring, closed-in room in her home, but she wasn't quite sure what to do or where to start. That's why she decided to bring in Hometalk DIYer Timisha, to get her advice, guidance, and hands-on help. Together, they created a home office that would make anyone stay up late working!

episode 5 dingy basement to dreamy guestroom

Episode 5: Dingy Basement to Dreamy Guestroom

< Previous episode | Next episode >Michelle was tired of her run-down basement and desperately wanted to give it a makeover. She was craving a functional and fashionable guestroom, but she didn't know where to start. Michelle decided to bring in Hometalk DIYer Alicia W. to help her plan a design, get the right materials, and get started on some simple updates to transform her space.

episode 3 the decluttering tricks every mom needs

Episode 3: The Decluttering Tricks Every Mom NEEDS

< Previous episode | Next episode >Parenting is hard enough without having to deal with the mess and clutter of kid-raising life. After years of drowning in disorganization, Jess really needed help to get her space in order, and she knew just where to find it. She brought in Hometalk DIYer Sharon to show her some helpful tricks and guide her through what to throw, what to keep, and how to get the organized home of her dreams.

episode 2 turning old kitchen cabinets into new beauties

Episode 2: Turning Old Kitchen Cabinets Into New Beauties

< Previous episode | Next episode >After 27 years living with her plain wood kitchen cabinets, Tina was ready for a change. She had a vision for her cabinets in mind, but she didn't know how to turn that vision into a gorgeous reality, so she asked Hometalk DIYer Amber to come to her home and help her get started.

episode 4 turning a run down patio into a paradise

Episode 4: Turning a Run-down Patio Into a Paradise

< Previous episode | Next episode >Living in Brooklyn, NY, it can be difficult to create your own, personalized space. That's why New Yorker Stephanie really wanted to turn her fenced-off outdoor patio into a mini paradise. She knew she needed help to make a plan and get started, so she brought in Hometalk DIYer Amy to show her how to use the tools she needed and guide her through designing and building a space that really spoke to her.

diyer helps her sister get a gorgeous new staircase for 405

DIY Nearby Episode 1: Transforming a Dreary Carpeted Staircase

Next episode >When homeowner Michelle wanted to redo her staircase on a budget, she knew she could find the help she needed on Hometalk.Check out the first-ever episode of DIY Nearby to see how Michelle, with the help of DIYer Alicia, completely redid her dreary staircase and hallway for under $500!

DIY Nearby
DIY Nearby
About meWe all have things in our homes that we don’t like, and that need updating. Our local skilled DIYers will come to your home to help you do it yourself. You’ll get a custom look for a fraction of the cost, and at the same time you’ll be doing projects you didn’t even think were possible.