diy jewelry holder

DIY Jewelry Holder

In this post I am going to show you how I made this very simple DIY necklace holder. This only took a few materials and a few tools to make. This was not something I typically do, but it was for a good friend, so I figured I would show you how I did it. Enjoy!

modern writing desk

Modern Writing Desk

This is a very simple and modern looking writing desk that you can make with just a few tools and a few boards. Everyday at some point I grab my laptop and go to work on something and run in to the same problem. I don’t have a dedicated workspace to work. So I decided that I needed a writing desk for the bedroom to be able to set at and do a little work. I wanted something that was small, minimal design, and fairly easy to make in a short amount of time. It needed to look good as well. So I found some inspiration online and then got to work! I wanted this to be a project that anyone would make. Even if you have a minimal amount of tools, you can probably do this project. I will show you what I did for the project.

how to restore and old dresser, Finished Dresser

How to Restore and Old Dresser

My great grandfather was a woodworker. I don’t remember him, but much of his work is still very present in our family. Anytime I go to my parents or grandparents house, his legacy lives on through his woodworking. This dresser is a piece that he made for my mother when she was a child and since then, she has given it to my wife and I. In this project I am going to show you how I restored this dresser to look updated and new.. I am excited to share this with you because it is a part of me and who I am. I hope you enjoy.

diy elevated garden planter

Elevated Garden Bed

In this post I am going to show you how I made this elevated garden bed. This was a very simple DIY project that you can make in just a few hours. Last year we had a very nice garden with lots of things in it including lettuce. The only problem was that the rabbits also really enjoyed the lettuce. So this year I decide to make an elevated garden planter for my lettuce and herbs.

drill charging station, Finished Drill Station

Drill Charging Station

Why didn't I make this sooner? I have needed something to organize my drills for a while now. I finally got around to and I am so glad I did! This drill charging station/shelf was a fairly simple project a great way to organize some tools and other things as well as your drills. I did learn a lot of new things in the making so be sure to check out the whole process of how I did this and really get a feel for what I learned on the Youtube video of this project. Also I have plans available for free for on my website blog post that will give you exact measurements. All links are belowSo lets get started with how I made this.

diy poster hanger

DIY Poster Hanger

In this post I am going to show you how I made this DIY poster hanger made with walnut and held together with magnets. I saw this idea at a coffee shop while I was out of town. They were selling small posters with with a magnetic frame and I thought that I could replicate this with a little larger poster. The cool thing about this is you can change the poster out without having to drill or unscrew anything and you won’t damage your poster which is pretty cool. Of coarse I had to make a coffee poster to go in the hanger but you can add whatever you want. This is a very simple project that you can do in a day.

diy baby gate

DIY Baby Gate

This is an extremely simple baby gate that can be made in a day! So my son has just recently started to crawl. We have a split level entry home and he has started to find interest in the stairs. This means it was time to put up a baby gate. I wanted to make one instead of buy one for a few reasons. 1) It is cheaper 2) It looks way better 3) I love having an excuse to make something. The gate we chose to make was extremely simple. We only needed a few pieces of lumber, screws, a couple hinges, and a latch and we were in business.

how to make triangle shelves

How to Make Triangle Shelves

In this post I will show you how to make floating triangle shelves out of plywood. I was very excited to try to do some type of decorative shelves for my son’s room. I found a few photos of inspiration, and then got to work on them. This was a great project that anyone could do.

how to make a live edge side table

How to Make a Live Edge Side Table

My wife saw an amazing looking table online. It was $250, so we decided to try and make it ourselves and it turned out better than we expected and only cost $50. It was a fairly simple project and was the first time for a lot of different things for me. I hope you enjoy the project.

diy hanging herb garden

DIY Hanging Herb Garden

This is a project I made for my wife that we put in our kitchen. We usually have a garden every summer, but this year we decided we wanted to bring in some of the herbs inside to have fresh as we cook.

Made by Mitch
Made by Mitch
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