dollar tree mirrored centerpieces diy project

Dollar Tree Mirrored Centerpieces DIY Project

The tutorial that I bring to you today is a very simple one, Dollar Tree Mirrored Centerpieces using Dollar Tree Mirrors. Going to the Dollar Tree is like an adventure, you get so many things with which we can create and make accessories to decorate either for our home, our office or for that activity you are planning and want to do at a low cost.On my last visit I bought some mirrors that its original use is to carry candles. I found them perfect for centerpieces so we went straight to the tutorial of these Dollar Tree Mirrored Centerpieces.

how to make a himmeli

How to Make a HIMMELI

How to make a HIMMELI?First of all, what is a Himmeli? Well, the Himmeli are distinctive ornaments of Nordic decoration and are characterized by their geometric structure. They are pendants coming from typical Sweden and Finland that were originally made with very thin pieces of cane and that had different geometric shapes.Himmeli have become key pieces to decorate and there are many ways to create them. In this tutorial I will show how to make them using straws.You will need 4 straws in its original size and 8 pieces of 4 inches.Note: If at any time the wire is not enough to continue, simply add another piece , attach the two ends and continue

how to make christmas ornaments for the tree

How to Make Christmas Ornaments for the Tree

Christmas is one of the favorite times of the year for many of us. One of the most fun and special moments of these dates is to decorate the Christmas tree. But what if we set out to make our own ornaments for the tree? Would you dare? In today's tutorial I will show you How to Make Christmas Ornaments for the Tree in a very easy and above all very economical way.Cut the square dowel with the saw and make pieces the size you want your ornaments. Apply Mod Podge to the piece that you will be working on. Do not apply to all at once because this product dries quickly and then the glitter will not adhere well.

wooden pumpkins using a cd as a mold

Wooden Pumpkins Using a CD as a Mold

To make these wooden pumpkins, I used a CD as a mold to mark on the wood the 12 half circles I needed for the big pumpkin and for the little one I used a small kitchen container.

idea to decorate pumpkins

Idea to Decorate Pumpkins

When we think of decorating our house for this Fall season we usually think of colors like orange, brown, cream and yellow. But what happens when you want to give a touch of season and do not want to go for traditional colors? Therefore, today I bring you an idea to decorate pumpkins and you do not necessarily have to use the traditional.The decoration of my home is practically all white and I wanted to include a pumpkin that would adapt to the existing decoration. So I bring you this tutorial where I will be using a paper mache pumpkin (which can be obtained in Hobby Lobby), to transform it. It does not have to be this same pumpkin, you can do this tutorial with any other pumpkin, even with the natural ones, but you know that it will be lost work because once it starts to decompose you will have to throw it away.

pink ribbon breast cancer awareness wreath


The month of October has arrived, and with it, we bring awareness to breast Cancer. Because of this, and in honor of all the people afflicted with this terrible disease, I am sharing today’s tutorial.We will be making a wreath with a PINK RIBBON BREAST CANCER AWARENESS motive. The famous pink ribbon was created by Evelyn Lauder, who formed part of Estee Lauder’s great family. Evelyn suffered from ovarian cancer and died at the age of 75. It was she who compelled the US Congress to declare October as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

give your sliding glass door some swag


This is a great and cheap way to uplift your sliding glass door.

decorative piece using color samples


Creating pieces by myself to decorate my home is one of the things which I am most passionate about. Many people think that things have to be expensive to look good, but that is totally false. You can create economical accessories which look as good or better than an expensive ones. Therefore, today I will be showing you a very interesting and easy DIY project.

decorative wood wall art


I will be showing you this decorative piece today. This is one we enjoyed a lot building.My husband was mowing the lawn one day and decided to cut this bush which was in the middle of the yard and always made it harder to cut the grass.We didn’t want to just throw away the pretty wood and decided to do something with it.

how to make an accent table

How to Make an Accent Table

Today I will be talking about the DIY for this accent table. Often when decorating our homes, we need a specific piece for a specific space which makes it hard to find. So, then, why not create it ourselves? Would you dare build it? Building original furniture for your house doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to have some imagination, good taste and some basic skills. In this article I will be showing you how to make an accent table.

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