How do I get rid of these rust marks?

I’ve tried bleach it doesn’t touch it thank you
q rust water runs in toilet

How do I fix bathroom tile?

Without tearing this flooring out. I’d like to some how fill in the grout lines to top of tiles. The grout lines are not flush with tile. Therefore it collects dirt &... See more
q how do i fix bathroom tile

How do I get rid of this painted out boarder that is on the ceiling. ?

I want to repaint but do no know if we have to have the ceilings resprayed. Painting would be hard as the colour in the kitchen from 20 years of cooking is different... See more
q how do i get rid of this painted out boarder that is on the ceiling

How do make a dragon fly

How to make a dragon fly out of fan

How do I control Neighbors cats?

How do I keep neighbors cats from digging up my yard and using it as an out house if you know what I mean. All I want to do is discourage them and have them take... See more

How do I fix a small hole in my formica countertop?

The pointed part of a knife made a small hole in my beige formica countertop. Can this be repaired?

Can wood laminate go over a tile floor?

I have tile floors everywhere. I don't have the budget to jack-hammer out the tile to replace with a wood floor. Is it possible to lay down wood laminate on top of... See more

Stevie Johnson
Stevie Johnson