turn a pub style table into a farmhouse table for about 50

Turn a Pub Style Table Into a Farmhouse Table for About $50

Guests are coming and Thanksgiving is only a week away. My dining room needs a new look, STAT! I had purchased two pub style table years ago (they were cheap and I was on a tight budget). Pushed together they make a decent dining room table for when guests come for dinner. But I'm over it. Its plain, and I'm ready for a change...but surprise surprise, I'm still on a tight budget! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

diy office workspace revamp

DIY Office/Workspace Revamp

As an artist, a musician, and a very busy housewife; I have to admit, I am sometimes not very organized. My desk had become a catch all - everything from bills to band and art supplies. It was such a cluttered area of my home that it was beginning to creep out further and further into the room. One day when we were expecting company my husband looked at this mess and said "Really?" I nodded and agreed - it was time for a change.

update those tired wall sconces

Update Those Tired Wall Sconces!

Earlier this week, I was helping a friend empty a storage unit and I came across several little treasures that were destined to end up at Goodwill. My friend was overwhelmed with the task at hand and told me to take whatever I wanted…so I packed up a few boxes and squeeled with joy all the way home! I just love FREE STUFF! One special decor piece that I could not wait to get my crafty little hands on was a pair of wall sconces from probably 15 years ago. I got to thinking, I bet there is a cool way to update those tired sconces. Hmmmmmmm.

turn a bottle into something beautiful

Turn a Bottle Into Something Beautiful!

Its too hot to go outside. Triple digits for several weeks now, which is a big bummer because I love working outside on my yard and new garden shed. Unfortunately, this will be my plight for the next few months, so I have to find more things to do indoors. I had to bring all my succulents onto the covered patio, because the blazing sun was scorching the leaves. But they are still thriving and I’m seeing new growth…so that’s exciting! Over the past few months I’ve been enjoying a refreshing screwdriver (OJ and vodka) while I watch my survival reality shows in the evening. (No, I’m not changing the subject, stick with me!) I buy Skyy vodka because I love the beautiful cobalt blue bottles…and yes, I might have a drinking problem because now I have a CRAPLOAD of these lovely bottles and I’ve been dying to find a project to use them for! While cleaning out my purse and wallet the other day (yup yup stay with me) I found an Amazon gift card that I had totally forgotten about, so I used that to purchase a glass bottle cutting tool. Squuueeeeeeeeee!!!!! Here comes the fun folks! You guessed it, succulents + cobalt blue vodka bottles = Beautiful Bottle Recycle Project!

this diy spice rack is a kitchen transformation

This DIY Spice Rack is a Kitchen Transformation!

My kitchen is my sanctuary. Its messy sometimes, (ok, a lot of times) but I like to think of it as “lived in”. Someday I will be doing a complete kitchen makeover, because I can see in my mind exactly how I want it to look. For now, until time and money become available, I do little projects like this DIY Spice Rack to keep my muse smiling.OK, now please don’t judge me…but for YEARS I have kept all of my most used spices out on my counter top next to the stove. I used to keep them in the cabinet above LIKE A NORMAL PERSON, but it always bothered me to dig through the cabinet looking for things when I was cooking. It would never fail, something I needed in a hurry would be buried in the back of the cabinet, and I’d have to pull everything out to find it…in the meantime I was burning something on the stove. One day I decided I was over it, and pulled my top spices out of the cupboard and just kept them on the counter. Tacky, right?

over toilet spacesaver shelf upcycle

Over Toilet Spacesaver Shelf Upcycle

I get lots of hand-me-downs from my mom, and I wasn't quite sure what to do with this Over toiler spacesaver shelf...but inspiration hit me a few days ago. Check out this fun upcycle project! https://www.janesreallife.com/toilet-spacesaver-shelf-upcycle/

coffee can decoupage project

Coffee Can Decoupage Project

This is one of my favorite home decor projects ~ upcycling coffee cans by turning them into gorgeous decoupage table centerpieces! I'm so addicted to it my husband calls me "the can hoarder"! Friends and co-workers love these and always ask how it is done, so here is a step-by-step video. (no extra charge for the humor) or feel free to scroll down to read the guide below!

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