How can this floor be renewed?

what can I do to refurbish or renew this floor without removing the linoleum or the entry strip? This floor is over 3o yrs. I can't get the yellowish stain out after trying various things
q how can this floor be renewed

How to cover dents on an aluminum siding wall?

Desiring to cover dented aluminum wall at least cost. Dents are up to 5' high and the wall is 123 sq ft across. My question is what materials & how much will be needed to complete the project?
q how to cover dents on an aluminum siding wall

How can Faux Bricks be put on outside patio?

The side patio wall is aluminum siding. I want to cover it using faux bricks matching the existing bricks, on front of the house to cover dents on the wall. The dents are 5 ft high and the wall length is 123 sq ft across. Question, what other materials and how much will I need to complete the project for the least cost? I'd appreciate your help. Thanks
q how can faux bricks be put on outside patio

What can old nail polish be used for & on ?

I have a lot of nail polish that I don't want to throw away, would like some ideas to put it to good use if it's possible.

What's the best sealer for painted exposed aggregate on a patio?

I have a 55 sq ft expose aggregated concrete patio that is freshly painted, that needs a good sealer that'll hold it shine & will last a long time.