How do I repair this?

The previous owners left me with this mess in my hall bathroom. I cannot afford to replace anything so my only option is repair and no honey to help.
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How do I get rid of weeds in my yard?

My yard is nothing but weeds. I mean literally nothing but weeds. I might have a handful of grass spread over a large area but that is it. I live in Florida and the... See more

How do I stain different colored wood to match?

I have an oldish solid wood or what I thought was solid wood table. I’m trying to strip and restain it. However there was a lot of some kind of filler on it. I sanded... See more
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How do I get a smooth even top coat?

I recently stripped and stained my dining room table. However, no matter what method I use I cannot seem to get a smooth streak free finish with the top coat. I have... See more

How do I use colored epoxy correctly ?

I have some old wooden spools that were used for fiber optics cable and such that I want repurpose and use as tables on my porch. I want to use the colored epoxy on... See more
q how do i use colored epoxy correctly

Kristina Cox
Kristina Cox