shopping bags advent calendar

Shopping Bags Advent Calendar

I have to tell you that I am a total 80's girl! I'm a very nostalgic person who loves anything from the 80's & 90's, so I absolutely love how my shopping bags advent calendar turned out! If you've never done the advent calendar thing, now is the time to start. It's such a fun tradition and kids absolutely love it!

diy whimsical thanksgiving

DIY Whimsical Thanksgiving

With things I already had around the house, I was able to put this diy whimsical Thanksgiving table together!

black stem pumpkins

Black Stem Pumpkins

There is something about these black stem pumpkins that is very elegant looking. With just a few simple steps, you can take your pumpkins from ordinary to wow! The best part, is that they can stay up long after Halloween and transition into Thanksgiving décor!

jack o lantern clock

Jack O' Lantern Clock

Are you guys ready to make the cutest jack o' lantern clock ever? I made this with a broken alarm clock and I love how it turned out. It's so sparkly and such a fun way to break out of the traditional Halloween décor. This project was free to me because I already had everything on hand, but I will try to price it out as best as I can.

diy glittered vellum rosettes

DIY Glittered Vellum Rosettes

Whether you call them rosettes or medallions, these pretty decorations are perfect for any occasion. I see them made out of paper all the time and wondered if I could make them out of vellum. I did a search for it and didn’t find any, so decided to try it out for myself and I am so happy with the results. These diy vellum glitter rosettes will definitely add some fun and beauty to your next celebration!

sparkly spiderweb wreath

Sparkly Spiderweb Wreath

I made this sparkly spiderweb a couple weeks ago and I love it. You can use fabric scraps for this wreath and it's nearly impossible to mess up... “The messier, the better” definitely applies so this is a no pressure craft. I love how this wreath looks both fun and elegant at the same time.

mini football cowbells

Mini Football Cowbells

Get in on the football action with these mini football cowbells. They are adorable and look great tied to a bag or can even be used as Christmas ornaments or for party favors.

halloween balloon spiders

Halloween Balloon Spiders

Hello friends, I have a super easy project for Halloween. These Halloween balloon spiders would be great as party decorations or you can use them to decorate your house now. I’ll probably make more of these for my front porch on Halloween. They would blow away if I tried to put them up now.

mini pumpkin patch garland

Mini Pumpkin Patch Garland

With just a few supplies, you can make this mini pumpkin patch garland for some fun and playful décor. I bought these little jack o’ lantern bells last year on sale, but you can buy plain orange bells anytime at craft stores for this also.

no carve pumpkin message

No Carve Pumpkin Message

I have to show you guys how I updated another one of my old pumpkins. This no carve pumpkin message was so easy to create and it turned out so cute. I knew I wanted a message on one of my pumpkins and thought about painting it, but then had a lightbulb moment… I decided to use yarn to create the message and I love how it turned out. More pumpkin messages are going to happen in my house and I think it would be fun to add them to bathrooms and bedrooms.

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