a unique timeless wine cork wreath that will stand test of time

A Unique & Timeless Wine Cork Wreath That Will Stand Test of Time

I am a wine drinker, I mean I really like my wine. So like most people, I mean those who choose to keep their corks rather than throw them out, I “stored” my corks in decorative glass hurricanes, bowls, whatever I could find to hold them. I always had the intent to do something with them.I've made yard stick bulletin boards & place card holders but this was my favorite ever – a wine cork wreath. This wreath takes a little time but will last as long as you want. Mine weathers the elements on my front door & even made it through a move with very little damage that I was able to fix easily.

diy custom wine bar serving tray using reclaimed wood ikea bed slats

DIY Custom Wine Bar Serving Tray Using Reclaimed Wood & IKEA Bed Slats

I have a lot of serving trays already but each of them serves a specific purpose. Which brings me to why I wanted this one in particular. Wine, specifically wine storage & serving.In our current home we have a little niche that we keep our wine & wine gear in. Here's what it looked like when we bought the house. Pretty plain.Truth is, I have a love hate relationship with niches. They're okay if they have a purpose, but whatever you do with it has to look like it "belongs".When we first moved in, I wasn't sure how we'd use that little space. But after living with it a while it made perfect sense - a wine bar!!!

mahogany veneer dresser makeover, My New Re finished High Boy

Mahogany Veneer Dresser Makeover

Several years ago my grandmother gave me her old high boy. She was running out of space but didn't want to get rid of it & knew that I would keep it & take care of it. She's had this with a full bedroom set for at least 50 years - AND she bought it 2nd hand back in the 1960's!I wanted to give a little face lift for a while, but didn't want Grandmother upset with any changes I might make.Finally, when we moved to a new home & I gave our master bedroom a makeover this piece was 1 of the 1st things I knew I needed to tackle.

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