How to refresh?

How does one clean stained discoloured aluminum cookware?

How to finish a wooden kitchen counter to make it food safe & durable?

Plan on making an untreated pine board kitchen counter. Would like to paint/ stain it in medium grey. What products should be used to make it both durable and safe for food preparation?

Discoloured plastic bath?

How do I whiten a discoloured plastic bath? We have recently moved house and the plastic bath is in direct sun light and has gone yellow over the years. Can it be rescued?

Painting a bathroom sink?

Can I paint my bathroom sink and it's counter? It is all one piece, so is there a way to paint and seal it so that the sink can't be chipped or scratched?

How do I clean dog urine and vomit from berber

I have Berber carpet, very old but still good, there are lots of stains from my elderly fur baby, who is having lots of accidents, everything I clean it with seems to leave a dark area, can anyone help me please? Ty

When is the best time to prune knock out roses?

When is the best time to prune knock out roses.?

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Kelli L. Milligan
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