upcycle old kitchen cabinets to transform your space

Upcycle Old Kitchen Cabinets To Transform Your Space!

My kids are notorious for leaving their stuff laying around all over. Especially their coats and backpacks. My daughter tells me it is because she cannot reach the coat hangers in the closet to hang them up, so I solved that issue with this easy project. If you have some old kitchen cabinets lying around, or you know someone who is tearing some out, you can create these awesome coat and backpack hangers for next to nothing!

use wire baskets in your garage for an organized winter

Use Wire Baskets In Your Garage For An Organized Winter

With six people in our family, the gloves and hats and winter gear was turning into a bit of a mess. To organize (and save my sanity) we added a few wire baskets to control a little of the chaos!

are you kitten me right meow

Are You Kitten Me Right Meow?

Save your coffee table and spruce up your decor with these fun DIY coasters with vinyl and tile.

Jesica Helgren
Jesica Helgren
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