What do I use to make frosted glass look like snow?

I'm trying to make matching candlestick holders with my center piece. I read that i could use Mod Podge and Epson salt. I tested it out on a wine glass of mine but I find it to bumpy and salt will flake off when touched. Maybe I can grind the salt down some and use a clear coat spray paint?? Would greatly appreciate any input! Thanks!
q what do i use to make frosted glass look and a snow look

Anyone every paint bathroom tiles?

My bathroom is a throw back to the 70's. Lol I'm afraid to find out what's behind the tile and have even a bigger project. See the icon for Hometalk? That's the color of the tile. Yes that blue! Lol It's only halfway up the wall and the rest of the walls is a lite gray color.
q anyone every paint bathroom tiles

Renee Mader Costello
Renee Mader Costello