kids soft toy hanging storage

KIDS Soft Toy Hanging Storage

With three kids of different ages, the toys in my house are multiplying fast. Because of this, I’m always on the look out for practical toy storage ideas (see .I decided to tackle the soft toys mess in my daughters bedroom first.Instead of keeping them in your average big container, I decided to build this hanging soft toy storage shelf just above her bed. I love that it has a modern look and fits into the design of our homeMATERIALS NEEDED:¼ of 12mm plywood board1 lumber of 1in. X 2in. X 8 ft10 ft. of rubber band (or bungee rope as some call it)A wooden ring – bought here1 ft. of ropeWood gluewhite paint –TOOLS NEEDED:sawdrillstaple guntrigger clampsruler and a pencilpair of scissorsPaint brush

petal pumpkin wreath

Petal Pumpkin Wreath

As far as wreaths go, we’ve had quite a few awesome tutorials on Grillo Designs from some very talented crafters. This burlap pumpkin wreath is no exception! Keep reading for Laura’s step by step how to, you are going to love this one! This one was created by Laura from Ohanalee - and its perfect for fall!Materials needed:1- 14″ straw wreath form, alternatively foam wreath could also be used!4- rolls of 5.5 inch by 15 ft orange Burlap ribbon (you can buy burlap by the yard but I find cutting the squares from the ribbon rolls much easier)3- Boxes of Floral Greening PinsRotary cutter and cutting boardScissorsHot glue gun with glue sticksSewing pinsOPTIONAL: Fall Embellishments to decorate1- roll of mossy green chicken wire ribbon1- roll of wired green burlap ribbonNatural Jute burlap leaves and artificial fall leavesjute wrapped floral wireFall Berry floral wireHOW TO MAKE:1. Unroll your burlap ribbon and fold corner over to measure out a square. You will be cutting several 5.5″X 5.5″ squares from these rolls of burlap.

diy dish rack


Its that time again .. where I start nesting and re-organising the house (no I'm not pregnant.. before you ask!). I think it has something to do with the change in seasons. Hence the de-cluttering and cleaning frenzy.. Starting with my kitchenI don't have much kitchen cupboard storage space so I decided to maximize the space a little by building this diy dish rack from wooden dowels. You can see more of my kitchen organisation dowel ideas hereMATERIALS USED:4 x Wooden dowels 3/8″ x 36 “1 x plywood sheet 1/2 x 12 x 12 “Drill3/8″ Hole cutter drill bitManual SawHammerWood glueSanderClamps (optional)HOW TO:Using a ruler, measure and mark 4 equal sized strips from the plywood sheet. Cut with your saw (or jigsaw if you have one).

dryer vent pumpkins

Dryer Vent Pumpkins

Fall (or autumn as we call it here in the uk is fast approaching!) This means lots more fall inspired crafts and home decorations for the home . Also 'tis the seasons for pumpkins which brings me to the post today .DIY pumpkins are the best and these pumkins made from a dryer vent are such a cool idea to try this season . I also have another post about how make wicked witch legs for the garden which you can check out by CLICKING HEREHere is the the really easy tutorial by Lezani What you need to make a dryer vent pumpkin:Dryer ventSpray Paint – (Your choice)Old branchesDried mossLeather man multi toolhot glue gun (optional)

diy outdoor bar cart

Diy Outdoor Bar Cart

One of the great things about building your own furniture, is that you have the freedom to decide the exact dimensions, the design and the materials.Let’s say you see something you like in a store, but the size is all wrong, the price a little shocking, or the style just a touch too generic. Remember that easy bench I built?Well…. you don’t have to walk away feeling too disheartened because you can just build it yourself – exactly the way you want it!Which is exactly what I DID! I built a bar cart - becuase I have always wanted one!!

waterproof paper bag planters

Waterproof Paper Bag Planters

Because my huband and I move homes quite a lot, we have built up quite the collection of Packing paper in our garage.. Which is super handy because I happen to really love the stuff!Aside from it’s most obvious function (wrapping fragile items for parcel travel if you didn’t know), kraft paper is great for doodling on and for …. making planter bags! Especially water proof ones like these below! See here for more of my planter ideasIll talk you through it but first here is what youll need Brown packing paper / Kraft paper – I used a 50mm x 10m rollGlue or glue gunContact paper (matt) – Just a note, if you’re in the UK, then this is called Sticky Back Plastic - I worked with a similar kind of paper when I wallpapered my floorTapeBlack sharpie pen (optional)Stencil (optional)

how to make a toastool

How to Make a Toadstool

Ive always wanted to make a toadstool from tree trunks, There is just something so whimsical about it! Also I love the idea of being able to use them indoors and outdoors!Ive been working in my garden a lot lately - here is a recent outdoor sofa I builtTO MAKE A TOADSTOOLYou’ll first need to source some tree stumps – 3 to be exact.I live in the city, so unfortunately stumbling across abandoned tree trunks on my daily strolls just wasn’t going to happen. Thankfully, there is such a thing called eBay – with lots and lots of local trees sellers wanting to make a buck off otherwise free goods of nature.

cute fridge succulent planters


It’s alway nice to add some plants into your home. They are pretty and add a touch of mother nature into your decor. The usual spots to display plants are the window sills, the side tables or even on plant stands.If you like succulents , then you will love these cute mini planters You can also check out this even larger sized tile planter hereMATERIALS NEEDED TO MAKE A MAGNETIC PLANTERA piece of 2’x2’ wood timberA handsawA drill with a spade bitA trigger clampSome plastic caps (I used tube end caps)MagnetsSanding paperWood stain or paintA brushVarnish / poyutheraneSucculents or plants HOW TO:Take the wood timber and measure sections of 2 inches.Trace the lines and cut with handsaw to make wooden cubes. Repeat several times to make as many planters as you wish.

easy garden bench

Easy Garden Bench

Summer is here! And as a result I am getting a little too obsessed with my garden... can you blame me. The sun has that effect on me! Did you catch my DIY TILE PLANTER on wheels that I posted a few weeks back?My husband and I decided to build a bench for our garden. The design was inspired by a video on youtube by Home made modern - but we changed lots of the steps and plans around to suit our needsMATERIALS NEEDED TO BUILD AN OUTDOOR SOFA (please visit my blog here for all the sources)Heavy duty L shaped brackets x 8floor cushions x 3 (pillows)Varnish (medium oak) (poly)Exterior varnish/lacquer8″ scews2.4m treated Dried Timber (45 x 120mm)Timber wood18 x 144mm x 1.8mTimber wood 18 x 28mm x 1.8mwood glueTOOLS:mitre sawSanderDrillHOW TO:1 Measure and cut the larger sized Timber (45 x 120mm) wood into 12 equally sized pieces. Once constructed, these will become the sides of the sofa.

mid century dresser makeover

Mid Century Dresser Makeover

What I know about refinishing furniture? Not much, as it happens.I still gave it a try though… for a good cause..I picked this dresser up from my local charity store - it was stacked high with toys and games but it still managed to stand out to me .I couldn't wait to get it home! FYI this dresser now lives in my bedroom - click here to see the complete bedroom reve al

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