How can I fix up chipped and unglued laminate countertops?

My parent’s beach house has these horrible laminate countertops that were starting to peel off. There are now several places where the laminate has chipped off and... See more

How do I patch ceiling cracks?

Our 80 yr home has stress cracks I want to patch. It also has "sand" paint on it which was popular in the '70's. Any ideas to make my ceiling look flawless?

Any idea what this is?

As I removed some food from my top section Freezer, I was exposed to this. Its the inside wall of my Refridgerator Freezer. It looks exactly like coffer grounds in... See more
q any idea what this is part 2

How do I hide brown wall paneling?

I’m renting a cute lake cottage but the brown wood paneling is too dark for the room and the landlord says no painting it. Are there any temporary solutions?

What is this piece of furniture that I got at an auction?

I got this at an auction, nobody knows what it is? What is the purpose? It is BIG, and it opens?? Thanks in advance !!
q what is it

How do I makeover this room without removing ugly the ugly rug?

Help. Rug needs to stay all else can go . Will paint
q frontroom makeover but ugly rug needs to stay

How do I identify this bug?

I see this beetle all the time in my garden and don't know if it's beneficial, neutral, or bad. Anyone know what it is?
q how to identify this bug

How should I decorate above this entertainment center?

Deciding to go with a farmhouse decor. what do you suggest above this entertainment center if any? There is a large round clock to the wall on the left.....
q decor suggestions invited

How do I get an answer?

I asked how to paint a concrete shower floor and never got an answer.