chicken wire picture frame

Chicken Wire Picture Frame

If you love farmhouse style decor, this project is for you! Here is a unique way to display those family photos using an old wooden frame, chicken wire and small clothes pins.

add trendy bathroom shelving using an old wooden toolbox

Add Trendy Bathroom Shelving Using an Old Wooden Toolbox

I had found this old forgotten toolbox at a garage sale and just knew I had to have it, even tho I didn't know what I was going to do with it at the time. When I got home, I scoured the internet for inspiration. I saw a picture of a toolbox on the wall that was used to store books. Well, the only walls in my home that are empty are in the bathroom and the lightbulb went off! So here is the easy and quick project I did using that old forgotten toolbox.

turn garbage into a unique vase

Turn Garbage Into a Unique Vase!

My son loves pringles! So once in awhile, I surprise him and bring him home a can. I told him not to throw out the container once he finished all those delicious crispy chips and here's why.........

how to turn old table legs into beautiful candle sticks

How to Turn Old Table Legs Into Beautiful Candle Sticks

I had these old table legs laying around for quite some time, kept saying I'll use them for something. That something never came and they always seemed to be in the way. One day, while moving them out of my way, yet again, I saw them in a different light! These would make gorgeous candle sticks!

using bondo to make new feet

Using Bondo to Make New Feet

I needed to make new feet for a demilune table becaude only one of them had all the pieces and was round. So i made a mold of that good foot, filled it with bondo and smooshed it into place! Within a few hours, it was dry enough to be sanded and I had perfectly round feet

Christina Parker Matthews
Christina Parker Matthews