giving an old outdated washstand a makeover

Giving an Old, Outdated Washstand a Makeover

I picked up this beat up old washstand at a garage sale for just $5. It’s super cute with the curvy back and base but needed just a little (OK, a lot of) love.

diy piano bench makeover

DIY Piano Bench Makeover

I picked up this old piano bench for just $5. One of my garage sale tips is to always look behind and under stuff and it happened to be tucked away the back of a pile. The veneer on the top was pealing off and it was scratched in quite a few places. It definitely needed some love and who’s up for the job?? Me!

diy round farmhouse coffee table

DIY Round Farmhouse Coffee Table

I have been looking for a round coffee table for a while now and can not find the size and color I wanted to I decided to DIY it. I bought this old orange-y dining table for $20.

how to make candlestick holders from old spindles

How to Make Candlestick Holders From Old Spindles

I picked up these old spindles at a flea market for next to nothing. I really loved the shape and immediately thought candlestick holders. They were pretty dirty and had some holes.

hutch makeover one piece of furniture becomes two new pieces

Hutch Makeover - One Piece of Furniture Becomes Two New Pieces

I picked up this hutch on craigslist for $50. I knew I didn't want to use it as is because I just don't have the space but it was too good of a deal to pass up.

how to make personalized bookends easy and budget friendly

How to Make Personalized Bookends - Easy and Budget Friendly

Recently while browsing Pinterest, I’ve noticed so many different types of bookends for some reason so, of course, I thought about making my own. I started with a simple pine board and some small mdf letters.

upcycle an old three tiered table into 2 new pieces

Upcycle an Old Three Tiered Table Into 2 New Pieces

I had this old table in my basement for the longest time and knew I never would use it as it was so I finally decided to pull it out one day to see what I could do with it.

using old cabinet doors for wall decor

Using Old Cabinet Doors for Wall Decor

I'm always on the hunt for cool furniture to update with paint and stain and was lucky enough to find this piece for $40 at a garage sale. I was able to give the cabinet itself a lovely makeover but didn't want to use the doors on it. You can see the cabinet makeover in my projects.

how to make a rustic farmhouse sign using stencils

How to Make a Rustic Farmhouse Sign Using Stencils

I’m a huge fan of farmhouse décor and I’ve wanted one of these large "FARMHOUSE" signs for a while now. I’ve seen them on line but they can be so expensive so I decided to DIY it and it’s much easier than you think. You'll need to start by finding the wood back. You can buy small ones at Michaels, Walmart or on Amazon. I uses some rough saw pine we had left over from another project.

farmhouse style storage for dvd s xbox games

Farmhouse Style Storage for DVD's & Xbox Games

I wanted a place to store all of our DVD's and Xbox games that was more like the farmhouse style I like and also somewhat out of site. It was a hot mess before...

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