How do I landscape easily and cheaply?

I have a tiny front yard and I never know what to do with the patch right below my window. I want something that is low-maintenance, low-cost, and looks great!

How can I most easily (and inexpensively) build a shelving unit?

I live in a house built in 1839; hence no closets. I want to build floor to ceiling shelves, including an open section to use as a wardrobe, against the wall of my bedroom. Can anyone help with ideas about making them sturdy and safe in the most efficient way possible?

How do I find out what curtains work best for a small bow window?

I have a bow window in my kitchen and don't know what to put up for window curtains. I don't really like mini blinds. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The window in the middle is a little wider than the other ones?

How do you properly dead-head roses and spot sucker stems on bushes?

There are nice rose bushes in front of my apartment, but they never get the quality care they need to get the best out of them. I would do it if I knew how. Can anyone help me with this?

How do I care for my Crown of Thorns plant?

I have a Queen of Thorns plant which is thriving but the leaves turn brown and drop. Is that normal or is there a way to prevent this fro happening.
q queen of thorns care

How do I grow strawberries better?

What is the best way to water strawberries do they get the best watering in a raised bed . Have loops over it along with netting to keep birds out , and on top of the grown the dirt cracks . In the early spring can I fig up the plants and put in a better dirt and too spread the plants out cause they populate to much .

Train table bottom

How can I use to cover the lower level of a large train table. That hides the supports and wires. Not too expensive.

Lynn Sorrell
Lynn Sorrell