I have made some, I think they would be called pictures, and trying to learn how to sell them, or if they are even good enough. I will display 3f for you to see. ... See more
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How can I hide the cord on my wall?

I put up a shelf in my living room but I don't like the L brackets and cord showing.. I do rent so everything has to be removable. Any suggestions are welcome.... See more
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How do I make plaques and posters with my poetry?

I apologize if this isn't a topic that should be asked for help but I do some writing my own poetry and such and trying to figure out how to make my own plaques and... See more


Right now all I would like to know is how to save projects on here. Thanks

What to do with a door?

A few days ago I was going around the neighborhood picking up scrap wood & I found a an old door. I'm just looking for ideas on what to do with it, I have some but I... See more
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Malina Fuller
Malina Fuller