rustic diy tic tac toe board

Rustic DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Board

Christmas shopping can be tough. My kids both had birthdays a couple of months ago and still have toys that are unopened and not yet played with. I’m not super excited to contribute even more to that mess. Making something by hand for them feels better to me than buying something new off the shelf. This rustic DIY tic-tac-toe board is something that the boys can play together and also something that will look nice left out on the coffee table as decor. Win, win.

pinecone winter wreath

Pinecone Winter Wreath

Seasonal wreaths are a great way to display some decor both inside and outside your house and also a great handmade holiday gift idea. Unfortunately, they are also pretty expensive if you buy them from the store. The good news? They are super fast and easy to make! This wreath was inspired by some pinecones my mom and I collected while camping over the summer. They were the perfect thing to make this DIY Pinecone Winter Wreath for almost no money at all. Read on to see how I did it!

handmade hockey puck display

Handmade Hockey Puck Display

Do you have any hockey lovers in your life? My eight-year-old son is a hockey player and a hockey fanatic! This easy handmade hockey puck display is the perfect gift for the hockey lover in your life. And the even better news?! It is super inexpensive and easy to make too!

diy super easy wooden centerpiece box

DIY Super Easy Wooden Centerpiece Box

The holidays are upon us everyone, like it or not! This year has gone by so quickly and the holidays have snuck up on me! So, although I look forward to celebrating, I’m having a little trouble getting in the mindset. If you are like me, you likely spend a lot of time decorating your table for the holidays just to have to move everything off of the table when meal time comes. It’s annoying. So this year I decided to make a DIY wooden centerpiece box for my table that not only looks lovely, but is portable so you can easily remove the whole box from the table when meal time comes. Super functional, super easy, and really beautiful!

diy outdoor pallet tile coffee table

DIY Outdoor Pallet Tile Coffee Table

Ok, I hesitate to post this project because it was SO easy. Like so, so, so, so easy. I feel like I’m sharing a dirty little secret or something. But it’s super cute, sturdy, and I get a TON of compliments on it! So I would say this is definitely a project you can and should tackle. Like today. Make your own outdoor coffee table using wooden pallets and tile. Earn a little DIY street cred. HA!

diy farmhouse coffee table

DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

Deciding on a coffee table style is hard, y’all. Like, I have seriously been back-and-forth about what type of coffee table I want in this space probably since we moved in about three years ago. For a while I wanted a tufted ottoman but then decided that wasn’t super practical with two kids who like to rub food and crayons on everything. Then I wanted something more modular that could double as seating when people came over but again changed my mind. Ultimately I decided that a DIY farmhouse style coffee table would be the best fit for my space. This coffee table is both beautiful and functional and I will walk you through how to make your own!

diy gorgeous industrial farmhouse desk

DIY Gorgeous Industrial Farmhouse Desk

Do you ever walk into your home office and feel overwhelmed? Like a paper tornado spun through your room and threw documents, receipts, and work supplies everywhere? Yep, that is basically how I feel walking into my husbands office. If you are like me, it causes stress and anxiety walking into that mess. And also, like me, I’m guessing you are struggling to find the right desk for your space to help you feel more organized? Read on, dear one, because I will show you how to build the perfect DIY industrial farmhouse desk for a small home office.

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