magazine holder from a wine rack, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling

Magazine Holder From A Wine Rack

I picked up this wine rack at a yard sale last year. I don't drink wine, but I knew I could find a use for it.

little mermaid bedroom makeover, bedroom ideas, paint colors, painting

Little Mermaid Bedroom Makeover

During our last winter storm we decided it was time to give our girls a bedroom makeover. Their room has been a plain white since we moved in last year and we were just waiting for the girls to decide on a theme. It's probably better that we waited because they were huge fans of pink and purple until recently when their favorite list of colors expanded to include teal. When we asked them what colors they wanted to go with they said teal and purple, and my dream was born!

easy burlap wreath christmas card holder, christmas decorations, crafts, wreaths

Easy Burlap Wreath Christmas Card Holder

One of my favorite crafts is wreath making. I was really excited when I envisioned a wreath for my daughter that could be more than a wall hanging or door decor! With quick innovation, my wreath transformed into an easy burlap wrea​th Christmas card holder.

diy baby shower decor upcycle baby sprinkle, crafts

DIY Baby Shower Decor (Upcycle) Baby Sprinkle

There is nothing more incredible than the birth of a child. It changes everything about your life and you become someone you said you would never be (you know it's true). You are more concerned about germs, leaving your little one behind is the hardest thing in the world, and keeping your baby alive and healthy is your number one priority. Fast forward a few years or months (if you're me) and you now have not one bundle of joy, but two. This time the experience, the emotions, and the way you handle life are entirely different. You aren't worried about germs; you're too busy trying to remember if you brought spare clothes in case you get pooped on again. As a second-time mom, you realize just how out of control your life really is. Now you're ready to chillax and take things as they come, not that you have a choice; it's just the only way to stay sane.
If you have a friend or family member, that has already had one child and, of course, a huge baby shower you may want to consider baby sprinkles! Baby sprinkles celebrate moms who are having their second (third, or more!) little blessing-and are a little wiser, a little savvier, and a bit more comfortable being laid back about it!
With that in mind, I would like to share a few Easy DIY Baby Shower Decor ideas that will please your second time around (or more) mommy friend, and leave your first time mom squirting hand sanitizer on everything at the party! Today we are upcycling some stuff we had lying around the house, but you can also easily find these items at a thrift store. Even though the guest of honor is pretty chill now we still highly recommend washing everything you use multiple times. Just because we roll with the punches doesn't mean we want anyone to end up in the ER.

boys pokemon bedroom paint job, bedroom ideas, paint colors, painting

Boys Pokemon Bedroom Paint Job

My son John loves Pokemon, and while I wasn't crazy about painting his room red and black, I had to admit having a Poke Ball for a room did sound pretty cool.

how to make a kids chore chart out of a cookie sheet, crafts

DIY Kids Chore Chart

If you are looking for a fun way to get your kids excited about chores, a chore chart can be the perfect way to do it. My kids are loving these charts!

diy dresser chalkboard kids customized, chalkboard paint, painted furniture

DIY Customized Kids Chalkboard Dresser

I bought a $5 dresser at a yard sale and customized it to meet our son's needs! This is the most fun I've had with a project in a long time!

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