decoupage dried flowers

Decoupage Dried Flowers

I loved the look of the dried Hydrangea petals and decided to see if I could turn them into wall art.

10 minute bathroom back splash

10 Minute Bathroom Back Splash.

I bought these tiny Plexiglas magnetic frames at J.C. Penny when they went out of business in my home town. They cost me $2.00 each and finally after having them in the house for months, I did something with them. Super easy peasy.

holiday centerpieces

Holiday Centerpieces

I belong to a fundraising group and we have parties twice a year to celebrate and these are the centerpieces that I made for this winter event. I am sorry that I don't have a photo of the end of roll bolts before they were cut and painted, mostly because of how comical they all looked filling my car to the brim.

small barn door for adding extra storage space to small bathroom, bathroom ideas, doors, outdoor living, storage ideas

Small Barn Door for Adding Extra Storage Space to Small Bathroom

I had an idea to add a little bit of extra storage space in our little bathroom. I've seen many lovely barn doors made here and wanted to try it despite my limited talents with tools.

weird little clock table, painted furniture

Weird Little Clock Table

My daughter who loves the TV show Hannibal, (she's 29, promise, I didn't let a child watch a show I can't watch) and saw a very expensive clock table and she asked me to make her a Hannibal themed clock table. I decided why not.

poor little broken octopus to wall art, crafts

Poor Little Broken Octopus to Wall Art

This metal octopus had fallen and two of it's tentacles had broken. I tried using many different types of glue to simply put them back on. I decided to put it on a piece of wood that I painted. I applied glue sparingly to the back of the octopus to glue in onto the wood. Within minutes, it began making a chemical reaction. I was so amused by this that I decided the octopus had "inked himself" and just kept adding more glue until the mess you see here was created.

hidden litter box, painted furniture, pets, pets animals

Hidden Litter Box

Helping old cat "go" in an appropriate place.