somewhere over our rainbow

Somewhere Over Our Rainbow

Hi! I was doing customs for a quite a while and wanted to take a break to do my own thing and this is how it turned out.. I was obviously DYING for color! I had watched a few tutorials by The Turquoise Iris so I was inspired by her to complete this piece in this way... so thank you Dionne.

ornate mirror gets an updated look

Ornate Mirror Gets an Updated Look

Mirror are my absolute favorite thing to refinish. I guess because of all that detail.. thats what draws me to them.

mini server gets a stately makeover

Mini Server Gets a Stately Makeover

Picked up this little guy. I am always working with same colors, light colors but I got a new color from Fusion Mineral Paint and wanted to try it on this guy. I was seeing Navy and Gold.

endtable facelift

EndTable Facelift...

I picked up these gorgeous end tables because.. of, uh, THAT DETAIL! I saw so much potential in them.

meet rose little tlc and she came alive

Meet Rose, Little TLC and She Came Alive

Antique Buffet goes Romantic

bombay gets a heavenly facelift

Bombay Gets a HEAVENLY Facelift

I purchased this Bombay chest because of it's gorgeous curves - I had watched a tutorial on color blending and I then I knew, THAT was what I wanted to do! Now, to find the right color mix....

70s dresser turns masterpiece

70s Dresser Turns Masterpiece

I got this piece because i saw all the potential in it. ALL THAT DETAIL...

rock n glam vanity, bathroom ideas, gardening, landscape

Rock N Glam Vanity

I bought this unique piece to refinish... at first I wasn't sure what to do with it but as I worked with it, it was more edgy, had a personality of a rockstar! So that's the road I decided to travel down... this piece is FULL OF NEW TECHNIQUES for me!

changing table to rolling beverage cart , chalk paint, painted furniture, painting, repurposing upcycling

Changing Table to Rolling Beverage Cart!

I bought this changing table with the idea to repurpose it to a bar cart.... I thought this changing table was unique to begin with so it was perfect for what I wanted!

mid century modern redo , how to, painted furniture, painting

Mid Century Modern Redo!

I picked up this piece... and after doing reasearch on it, I decided to paint it. It didn't have any manufacturer marks on it so I decided to give it a go! It is a BEAUTIFUL piece, well crafted and solid!

Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie
About meI started out doing this as a hobby. I bought pieces to practice on for my home. Now, I LOVE IT and want to do it full time one day!