replacing the rubber paddles on your snowblower

Replacing the Rubber Paddles on Your Snowblower

One of our snowblowers has replaceable rubber paddles on the auger. These get worn down from making contact with the concrete or asphalt driveway. When the rubber paddles are worn the snowblower will no longer scrape the snow off the surface of the driveway or sidewalk. After that you are basically just walking around pushing a snowblower and getting cold.

harvesting milkweed seeds

Harvesting Milkweed Seeds

I have been working at cutting down all of my cone flowers and today I started cutting down my milkweed plants. I thought that I would talk about the Common Milkweed and how to harvest the seeds from the seed pods.

concrete pumpkin flower pot for autumn and halloween

Concrete Pumpkin Flower Pot for Autumn and Halloween

Back in the spring of this year, I bought a 40lb bag of Quikrete to make a solar lamp for my entry into the One Bag Wonder contest. I didn't use all the concrete dry mix so I stored it in a plastic storage bin that had a snap on lid. BTW I love storing the mix like this because it stays fluffy and doesn't get hard lumps that high humidity can cause.

how to keep track of your plants and trees

How to Keep Track of Your Plants and Trees

Have you ever bought multiples of a plant and then have one die and when you go to buy a replacement plant you can't remember which color you need to buy? This happened to me so many times that I decided to do something about it.I bought several empty thick binders (you might be lucky and already have some around the house) and those plastic pages that store baseball cards. The plastic pages can be purchased on eBay and Amazon.

fixing a broken top rail on a chain link fence

Fixing a Broken Top Rail on a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are not my favorite style of fence but I dislike a broken chain link fence even more. We can only speculate on how this top rail of the chain link fence became broken and how the post ended up bent. We think that when the ground froze during the winter, the post was pushed upward but because the top rail is attached to the post, the post bent and then finally the insert connector broke.

cast iron bench restoration before after

Before and After Cast Iron Bench Restoration

I picked up two cast iron bench ends and the cast iron back insert for 40 bucks. The wood was missing but the cast iron was in good condition so we thought that it was a project worth attempting since these benches can sell for up to $400 when new. I don't know the original cost of this one but the benches with back inserts are more money. The reason why I was originally open to buying bench pieces was that our yard is over two acres and I needed a place to sit in the shade on the extreme heat days so a bench sounded like a good idea.

replacing a broken wood handle on a sledge hammer

Replacing a Broken Wood Handle on a Sledge Hammer

It is far less expensive to fix a mallet or sledge hammer with a wood handle then it is to buy a new mallet or sledge hammer. A quick trip to the hardware store and less than 6 bucks will give you a good as new mallet or hammer.

make a outdoor concrete solar lamp

Make a Concrete Outdoor Solar Lamp

Design magazines always talk about making your outdoor space more livable but they never really mention lighting. Sure they say use pillar and jar candles but they melt in the day time sun and there is nothing nastier than a candle with dead bugs stuck to it. Then there is always the string of Edison bulb lights but that requires electricity and electricity and water (rain) is a no no. So I went another route and used an LED solar landscape light and a bag of Quikrete concrete to make a lamp that could get wet, withstand wind from a summer thunderstorm, and doesn't cost even a penny to run. I also wanted to make this using items I already had on hand because I had no idea how this would turn out and the last thing I wanted was to spend 50 bucks on stuff and have the lamp look bad and as such, never see the light of day.

replacing a broken shovel handle

Replacing a Broken Shovel Handle

I broke the handle on one of my favorite yard tools. I use this flat blade shovel to edge all my flower beds and I also use it to edge the lawn along the curb. Thankfully it is easy to replace the broken handle.

board and batten shutter tutorial

Board and Batten Shutter Tutorial

I love the look of board and batten shutters especially when you make them to look like true operating board and batten shutters.

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