chicken wire heart decor, home decor

Chicken Wire Heart Decor

Decorating your home for Valentine's day doesn't have to be expensive. I made this heart decor with things I already had on hand or found for little or no money. This project does take a little bit of time but is very easy to complete. What will you create this Valentine's Day?

topsy tervy scarecrow painted pots, crafts, gardening, how to, painting, seasonal holiday decor

Topsy Tervy Scarecrow Painted Pots

If you are looking for a fun and inexpensive way to decorate for fall, this is it! I love how easy they are to make and how festive they are.

silly face lego storage, crafts, organizing, painting, storage ideas

Silly Face Lego Storage

If you guys are like me then Legos are a pain in your butt! They are so much fun for kids and they can spend hours and hours playing with them but when it comes to storing them it can end up being a nightmare. If you don’t separate them and your child can’t find the one he/she wants, then expect a mess, and the chance of you stepping on one grows higher and higher. Have you ever stepped on a Lego? If you have it’s not something you will likely forget. I like the idea of sorting by color but you can sort them however you would like.

silly painted terra cotta pots, container gardening, crafts, gardening, how to

Silly Painted Terra Cotta Pots

Today we decided to paint silly terra cotta pots for a few plants that I found on clearance at Walmart. If there is a mess involved my kids are there too, so we had a fun time making these.
Teacher Appreciation Day is this week and I was going to get flowers, candy or something like that but I thought this project would be fun for my son to give to his teachers. It’s always nice when the kids get to help make gifts instead of just buying something.

mossy mason jar terrarium, flowers, gardening, mason jars, succulents, terrarium

Mossy Mason Jar Terrarium

Easy to make moss and succulent terrarium. I made this with my kids and they really loved doing it. Perfect for Earth day or any day.

fruit and vegetable storage, kitchen design, organizing, storage ideas

Fruit and Vegetable Storage

I found these baskets on one of my many Dollar Store shopping trips. I grabbed a bunch because I was picturing the many ways I could use them. Of coarse, they can be planters but maybe hook them together and make bath toy storage, pet toy storage, or even a light fixture. If you put a fabric liner in them, they could be used for almost anything. I decided to use these 2 for fruit and veggie storage, I love that I am gaining counter space and for only $1.

awesome dinosaur planter, container gardening, crafts, flowers, gardening, how to, repurposing upcycling, succulents

Awesome Dinosaur Planter

I have to admit that I love yard sales, thrift stores and curb finds, but what DIY-er doesn't right? I found a bunch of artificial plants being put on the curb so I did the responsible thing and brought them home.
I decided to use my "fake" succulents but real plants would be great in this planter. Now all I needed was to search my kids room to find an old dinosaur that they wouldn't miss. Of course, I had to do it in secret because although they never play with something, if they see me touch it then it automatically becomes their favorite toy.

comic book flower, crafts, how to

Comic Book Flower

This project is pretty easy and only requires a few supplies and possible your fingerprints. I’m not sure I even have any left, that darn hot glue gun gets me every time.
Let’s get started!

fun summer plates, crafts

Fun Summer Plates

These summer ant plates are great for everyday use or as a fun way to decorate a summer get together. The kids will love them.

how to paint your countertops, countertops, how to, kitchen design, painting

How to Paint Your Countertops

I spend so much time in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning over and over again. I want to feel happy and excited when I enter my kitchen but I just never get that feeling. So, it is time to do something about that!
We don't plan on staying in this house forever (you know, because we are packed in here like sardines) but we don't want to throw a ton of money into it just to do that all over again at a new house. Who would?

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