how to make a diy holiday decoration reversible sign


Here’s how I created my Harvest and Joy reversible outside decoration sign to add to my decorations. I hope this inspires you to create one for yourself. I first spray painted the wood on both sides with black chalk paint and let dry.

how to modify a stone wall with little effort


I wanted to share with you the update we did because the heater died. Rest in peace. We relocated the heater to the other wall because now it is vented to the outside. Fresh air in the space is wonderful and helps keep the air cleaner. We are so happy with it but then we had a huge hole in our stone wall. What to do, what to do? Here’s what it looked like before.

how to make a diy spray bottles organizer

How To Make A DIY Spray Bottles Organizer

I needed to organize my spray paint bottles and caulk so here's the DIY organizer I came up with. I hope it helps you organize your craft area. Enjoy.Visit the blog for the before picture of the shelf.

creating a themed collage wall in your home tips and tricks

Creating a Themed Collage Wall in Your Home - Tips and Tricks

Have a lot of frames that don’t have a home? You are not alone. Many people love to take pictures and take the time to mount them, but never hang them in their home. Why waste these perfectly good pictures and artwork, make a collage wall and see what happens. Photos lined up on the floor or in a closet does do the artwork any good. Why not take it out and display it on a wall in a collage.

how to make a diy reclaimed wood wall

How To Make A DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall

Since we started working from home over 15 years ago, the steps to the offices are used A LOT. I mean we use it even more than the bedrooms on the third floors. So, to make them look a little more appealing, I wanted to add some character to the focal point wall on the landing. Over the years, this area was used to store our extra supplies, then turned into a place to store my decorative serving platters from my mother and my husband’s extensive collection of coffee maker. The wall was very dull and only held two shelves on it.Before buying the product, I determined the amount of material I needed.

how i made a custom kitchen silverware drawer organizer

How I Made a Custom Kitchen Silverware Drawer Organizer

When I designed my kitchen, I purposely put in a large drawer for utensils and serving utensils. But had a very hard time finding the right size organizer that would give me enough openings for all the things I wanted to store in the drawer. So, instead of waiting for someone to put this item on the market, I decided to make it myself. And, you can too. Read below to check out the steps.

how to make a beautiful outside porch storage bin

How to Make A Beautiful Outside Porch Storage Bin

When you receive packages, where does your delivery people place the boxes? Do they leave them out in the open for everyone to see? Here’s a way to hide your smaller packages without neighbors knowing when you receive a package.

how to make two 2 custom wood scarf holder

How to Make Two(2) Custom Wood Scarf Holder

I love making things that I can use for organizing different items in my home. This one was no exception. This custom wood scarf holder DIY project was so much fun to make, and I was able to give it to a relative for their daughter’s room. It was a win-win in my book. Here is the step by step instructions on how I made this scarf holder. I hope you enjoy it.

creative easter gift for teenagers

Creative Easter Gift For Teenagers

I find that making gift card holders are more fun for the teenagers and me. They aren’t youngsters anymore, and the kid baskets are just not cutting it. I like to give out gift cards so they can enjoy what they want while still enjoying a few sweets. Here’s how I made these creative Easter Gift for teens.

diy family electric toothbrush holder

DIY Family Electric Toothbrush Holder

I have four electric toothbrushes on my bathroom double sink, which creates a cluttered mess. A toppled toothbrush is a common scene in our bathroom. We thought about putting them in a cabinet but was concerned that the kids would forget to brush their teeth and that they wouldn’t dry properly. So, here is the solution I created that resolves this issue.

Sabrina's Organizing
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