swim ribbon wreath

Swim Ribbon Wreath

I have lots of bins filled with swim team ribbons and medals for all three of my kids. So I was trying to figure out what project I could make with swimming ribbons. That’s when I came up with this Swim Ribbon Wreath.

hand paint an oyster shell

DIY Hand Painted Oyster Shell

I hand painted oyster shells in gold. There are many ways to paint them. You can paint the white section in gold and used those as a pretty decorative coastal piece on top of a place setting. Or you can just paint the edges and use them holders for salt & pepper. Enjoy this DIY Hand Painted Oyster Shell.

create a stenciled picnic blanket

Create a Stenciled Picnic Blanket

My love for picnics and music inspired me to create a stenciled picnic waterproof blanket perfect for all my picnic outings it can even be used on a table too. To create this large picnic blanket I used a large painting drop cloth made from canvas that I had laying around the house. This waterproof outdoor blanket can be used on the all different surfaces likes the beach, grass and even a table.

how to change a door handle or lever

How To Change A Door Handle or Lever

Changing a door handle/lever may look confusing but it's very easy. I will show you to change the existing handle or lever. In this DIY one of the levers was missing to my media room. I looked up the maker on the existing lever that was there. If you can't see the maker get one that is similar. I needed an oil bronze color.

hanging botanical prints with clothes pins

Hanging Botanical Prints With Clothes Pins

I adore botanical prints for decorating. If I had my way that is all I would hang on my walls. I do have botanical prints in my home framed and hung the traditional way with a nail and hook. This time I will be hanging them with clothes pins.

morroccan stenciled table

Moroccan Stenciled Table

I thought that this old beat up table would be a great project for my Moroccan stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil. I love Moroccan style decor for outside in the garden. Its has that global flavor.

3 tier herb garden

3 Tier Tin Tray Herb Garden

The purpose of this project is to create something unusual that your would not normally see in your outdoor space. After some exploring I found a 3 tier tin tray that typically is used for desserts or china.With the 3 tier tray, I am ready to create my project that can easily be used as a centerpiece for my outdoor dining table and as well as a portable garden next to my barbecue. Its a handy project that can be used all year round.

create colorful aluminum art from your photos


If you have photographs that you would love to show case in your home I have a unique way for you to show them. Create a gallery style art out of aluminum.

create a garden from a chair

Create A Garden From a Chair

I spend lots of time outside in my back yard. To make things easy when I grill I created a herb garden next to my grilling area. Whats special about this garden is that I made it from an old chair.

mini herb garden with chalk paint

Mini Herb Garden With Chalk Paint.

Rosemary, Spearmint, Oregano & Basil are my favorite herbs to cook with! I needed to bring these spices together in my kitchen so I created a little herb garden on my counter from an old planter. You can use any wooden size container for this project.

Simple Nature Decor
Simple Nature Decor
About meSimple Nature Decor is decorating with natural elements to get a Trendy! Organic! look in your home. .