a fragrant aromatic coffee bean scented candle diy gift, crafts

A Fragrant Aromatic Coffee Bean Scented Candle DIY Gift!

I love the fragrance from aromatic coffee beans and from sipping a cup of coffee! I also love DIY projects that are easy to make and turn out into a fabulous gift. I made eight of these coffee bean scented candles to give away as Christmas gifts this year. I love this DIY gift so much the eighth one is a gift for me!

dollar store mobile device charging station, chalkboard paint, home decor, storage ideas

Dollar Store Mobile Device Charging Station

There are all kinds of mobile devices now and they all come in different sizes. Amongst the family members in our household owns several smart phones, iPads and Mini iPads that all need to be charged on a regular basis.

how i created a garden feature with black shale and blue glass gems, gardening, landscape

How I Created A Garden Feature With Black Shale And Blue Glass Gems

The Problem: When we moved into our present home the previous owner was a passionate gardener so a lot of the work was already done. But strangely they left one area that runs along the east side of the house alone. It was always loaded with weeds and when it rained or the snow melted it became a muddy mess. It is 23 ft by 5 ft (762 cm x 152 cm) making it a very long and narrow area.
We decided to landscape it with black shale. To ensure no weeds came back we covered the area first with several layers of landscape fabric before adding the black shale and my husband finished it off with some very nice grey interlocking bricks.
It looked a lot cleaner and became a very low maintenance landscaped area of the yard. However, it didn’t look very pretty. It just looked very black and very grey.

banister decor ideas for christmas, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

Budget Friendly Ideas For Decorating Your Banister For Christmas

I quite enjoy decorating our staircase banister for Christmas every year. You can buy ready–made garland that has an assortment of its own embellishments but I find it can be quite pricey and the garland can look quite skimpy.

clever hack for storing your christmas bead garland

Clever Hack For Storing Your Christmas Bead Garland!

It is so much fun bringing out the decorations every early December to decorate the Christmas tree. It is even more fun to find them neatly organized and ready to hang without anything damaged or twisted and tangled together.
Every early January I take a little extra time to make sure I pack away the Christmas tree decorations when I take down the Christmas tree. The ornaments are easy to pack away. But I used to struggle with how to package and store the bead garland. Inevitably every year it would come out of the re-usable bag a little twisted and quite disorganized to work with. So, I came up with my own idea!

make gorgeous christmas luminaries using mason jars and twinkle lights, mason jars

Make Gorgeous Christmas Luminaries Using Mason Jars and Twinkle Lights

It all started when I was returning from a walk this past summer in my community. I happened to walk past a garage sale that was just getting started. There were many lovely treasures for sale but what caught my eye was a large box of mason jars.

make beautiful 3d christmas flower wreaths using card stock paper, crafts, gardening, wreaths

Make Beautiful 3D Christmas Flower Wreaths Using Card Stock Paper

This was one of my favourite Christmas crafts to make with my students when I worked as an elementary classroom teacher. This was an activity I always planned to do during the week before the Christmas holiday break. We would spend almost an entire afternoon making 3D flowers and designing these beautiful wreaths. I always played Christmas music so we could hum or sing along while we worked.

oh my goodness how do you store all of your scarves, cleaning tips

Oh My Goodness! How Do You Store All Of Your Scarves?

I confess. I have quite a big scarf collection. I have been collecting scarves for years and quite enjoy wearing them as an accessory with different outfits. I have received several as gifts and when I buy a new piece of clothing I also like to pick up a new scarf too! Whenever I go on a trip I also like to pick up a scarf when I travel instead of picking up a souvenir.
There’s a bit of a problem having so many scarves and that is how to store them. I tried different ways including having them shoved in a drawer but they got too wrinkly. I also tried storing them in a laundry basket in the closet but I spent too much time rummaging. Another method I tried was storing them under the bed in an under bed storage plastic bin but I didn’t enjoy getting onto my knees everyday early in the morning looking for just the right one.

how to make an outdoor christmas arrangement for the garden, christmas decorations, container gardening, how to, seasonal holiday decor

How To Make An Outdoor Christmas Arrangement Using A Very Easy System!

I love to make several different outdoor Christmas arrangements every holiday season! I am not a trained floral designer but I have a system that I follow that is super easy and works every time.

how to prepare your fresh pumpkins so they will last the fall season, halloween decorations, how to, seasonal holiday decor

How to Prepare Your Fresh Pumpkins So They Will Last the Fall Season

Have you had the problem like I used to have where your gorgeous pumpkins that you bought in September did not last till Halloween? They started to rot and become unsightly looking? I figured out a very simple 2-step process using three products. Two of the products you already have in your kitchen and the third product is a bit of a surprise.

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