homemade ac unit

Homemade AC Unit

It is hot, you guys. As in HOT. I am sure everyone can feel it, but being eight months pregnant, having 3 little kids to run after, and living in a house without an AC… Well, boil me to death and let’s just be done with it!

how to butcher deer on the homestead

How to Butcher Deer on the Homestead

It had always been our dream to hunt. We truly believe that hunting is the best way to harvest meat. Better, even, than growing your own meat animals.We love the fact that the animal lived its life in its natural environment, running around freely, eating straight from nature, as much as it wants, whenever it wants, and what it wants. In a nutshell, it is free-range, organic meat, the kind you pay top dollars for in the grocery store.

building a chicken tractor from scrap lumber and metal

Building a Chicken Tractor From Scrap Lumber and Metal

You know what’s the best thing about moving to an unfinished, abandoned property? The junk.Only for us, not all of it is junk. We inherited a few piles of junk with this house, two sheds full of all kinda things, a section in the woods that must have been a dog pen or something like that (a lot of old lumber, fence, old dog houses, a gate…), wood, metal, and a whole lot of miscellaneous things.

how to use neem oil in the garden

How to Use Neem Oil in the Garden

There are a few things one can do to fight pests in the garden. In this post, I am going to concentrate on one simple, organic solution… Because I am all about simple, man.That one thing is Neem Oil Extract.The stuff is stinky but it kills the bugs all right.

starting seeds in toilet paper rolls

Starting Seeds in Toilet Paper Rolls

As part of my kids’ garden project, I’ve been collecting toilet paper rolls for a while now. I wanted them to be responsible for the whole growing process, from seed to harvest, and since some crops do better if started indoors, I wanted them to be able to participate in this part of growing as well.

planting strawberries and caring for your plants

Planting Strawberries and Caring for Your Plants

Planting strawberries might be the easiest chore in the garden. Those plants are so hardy I doubt you’ll manage to kill them even if your thumbs aren’t so green!In fact, if you are not careful, some strawberry plants might take over your entire garden!

grafting fruit trees a step by step picture tutorial

Grafting Fruit Trees – A Step by Step Picture Tutorial

A couple of years ago, on our yearly trip to Israel to visit family, we met a local farmer who came to do some maintenance work on my mother-in-law’s fruit trees.I started following the guy like a lost puppy, and what do you know? He took me in.After that day a couple of years ago, I wrote the post 4 Techniques of Grafting Fruit Trees which is one of the most successful posts on the blog.And I get why… Grafting is a tricky business. There are so many benefits to grafting, and people had been grafting fruit trees for years, but there are so few people who know how to do it and so many things that can go wrong, it’s like making cheese, you have to practice and practice and practice until you get it right.This is why it’s so valuable to learn it first hand from someone that has a ton of experience.So today is your lucky day! Our last visit to Israel was right in grafting season and we got to tag along to a day of grafting and fruit trees maintenance and I am sharing it all with you!Click on the link bellow for a full, step-by-step picture tutorial!

understanding cover crops and green manure crops, gardening, homesteading, how to, landscape

Understanding Cover Crops and Green Manure Crops

In the past couple of years, I used hay and straw to cover the soil in my home garden both when there is nothing growing in a bed and between vegetable crops during the growing season as mulch.
At first, I did it because I wanted to find a way to get rid of weeds since weeding in the middle of the summer when it’s 100F outside is obviously not one of my favorite activities. But very quickly I noticed the many other benefits to covering the ground. My soil became so much richer, darker, full of worms and microorganisms life, it held water much better, I didn’t have to add compost, and I had to spend very little time weeding.

how to build potato towers, gardening, homesteading, how to

How to Build Potato Towers

Last year, I planted a 100′ row of potatoes only to have all my plants attacked by the vicious Colorado potato beetle. It was hard to watch, and as much as I tried to get rid of the beetles, I realized very quickly that I stand no chance against them (read: The Sorry Story of my Potatoes).
So this year, I decided to try something a bit different. I am going to try to grow my potatoes in towers. I’ve listed this option a few weeks ago in my post How to Grow Potatoes (wich includes all the information you’ll need if you are new to growing potatoes), and since I had all the materials to build the towers, I thought it will be fun to give it a try.

easy garden preparation the no till way, gardening, landscape, lawn care

Easy Garden Preparation, the No-Till Way

Sometimes we do things in a traditional way because, well, that’s what everyone is doing so it must be the right thing to do. Sometimes it is.
But then sometimes you decide to try a different way, it works, and you ask yourself, why in the world did I work so hard all this time, following the traditional method.
That’s how it is with traditional soil preparation. Why they teach us we should “work” the soil before planting I have no idea. Mr. Soil doesn’t want us to poke around, I assure you.

Lee @ Lady Lee's Home
Lee @ Lady Lee's Home
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