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My Garden in June...

After a long, dry winter that was mild compared to most, we experienced a very cold spring that has been followed with lots of violent storms. We have been luck compared to so many...and I count my blessings every day.

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Funkification of Wall-mounted TV

We recently turned a bedroom into a den, but my husband’s addiction to political news left me admitting we needed (I needed) a second tv. We spent lots of time remodeling our living room and wanted the focus of the room to remain on conversation and reading. The living room, as lovely as it is, is small and a wall-mounted tv was really our only option. However, I sure hated the idea of it feeling like a hospital room or a cheap hotel. My husband worked hard to make sure that is hardly the case. This project was neither quick nor easy. Not counting the tv or the $50 mount, it cost us about $120. The antique elements ran $30, but wiring (new outlet, rerouted wiring for Directv and internet--all done ourselves) and the wood to marry old to new did not come cheap. Enjoy the funkification process!

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Making This House a Home...

We live in a house nearing its one-hundredth birthday. It is a modest little home, the victim of lots of god-awful remodeling decisions made over the course of a century. We are both teachers, so our projects are timed around summer and Christmas breaks. Our summer project was replacing a removed wall and recreating a separate living room space. Gone are hideous paneled walls that had been wallpapered--grooves and all. Also on the 'hit list'--awful stained baby blue carpet and windows framed with ranch style mopboard.
Complete inventory of work undertaken:
1. Removed old carpeting and pad.

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New Life for Old Tables

Found two of these tables for $15 each and knew right away that I wanted to paint the bases. Only took me two years to decide on a color.

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Vanity Makeover

Our bathroom had a builder's grade vanity that was functional, but not much to look at. I am stuck with the blue vanity topper for now, but these pictures show a much improved facade.

Lori Jackson
Lori Jackson